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Win Your 2017 Budget For Mobile Marketing With These 7 Vital Components

Since 2016 is history, it’s time for you to implement your new mobile strategy for 2017. Columnist Gilad Bechar highlights seven crucial mobile building tactics you cannot ignore.

We are in 2017 now, and it’s about time to plan your strategy for 2017.
If you are under an impression that mobile phone success is all about install app ads and landing pages, I have an important announcement, In the new year 2017, your strategy for mobile marketing got to pack a lot extra than only advertising plan in regards to your apps. And certainly no, this won’t increase your budget for mobile marketing, rather it will make it better and more constructive.

1. Road map for products
The road map strategy of the product should incorporate the development along with fusion of features related to marketing in the app only, but it does not end there. An onboarding strategy must be effective to increase user engagement and retention. Same as push notification strategy which enable to connect with your users perfectly at the right time, along with the right and precise content.
2. Data driven user accession
Blindly investing money is ineffective to install ads, and app marketers have slowly understood that. Successful outcome must be evaluated in label of user value and ROI. To implement accordingly, you must effectively and consistently optimize and measure your ad buying attempt to connect with ROI-affirmative user at the minimum CPI.
3. Re-marketing
As little as 25% of users who go ahead and install particular apps will come back for a second visit. Alongside, statistics show that it is very common to lose 80% of your users within a day of them installing your app. This clearly shows that three quarter of your efforts in marketing to gain new customers to use your app fails and does not produce favorable ROI.
This is where re-marketing comes to play: Reengaging users. As per one of the Econsultancy study, around 70% of companies admitted that it’s economical to retain their existing customer than acquiring new ones. So rather than spending certain amount from your budget for marketing app for gaining new customers, you can instead spend less when it comes to engaging and monetizing users who are already using your app on their respective devices.


4. App Store Optimization
Listing your developed app in any app store definitely is a very important characteristic of your strategy for app marketing, one cannot simply afford to forsake it. In any app store, it’s clear that app page is where a user decides whether to install an app or not? And they usually decide this within few seconds, nonetheless of how users made it to the page.
To give you one more reason to invest more in an efficacious strategy for app store optimization is that app store optimization has been validated to be one of the most cost effectual way to attract engaged users and relevant users organically. Displaying and advertising to customers who are actively looking for specific things or solutions is one of the best ways to recruit trustworthy and ROI affirmative users.
A durable ASO content strategy is required to ensure visibility in relevant search results. So, based on performance in 2016, now is actually a good time to initiate planning your 2017.
5. A/B testing and Measurement
Measurement cannot begin and end just with install count. Rather, it requires to be confederated with the app in order to enable undergoing optimization of your conversion funnel, and gives you enough space to carry out A/B testing of your efforts on mobile marketing.
When it comes to performance optimization A/B testing is not restricted to your ad install campaigns. For every feature of the mobile app, optimizing it through A/B testing is applicable. A/B testing is a very effective way when it comes to refining and polishing your marketing strategy and product.
6. Creative
Original and artistic aspects of your efforts regarding mobile marketing should be a major part of your strategy from the initial stage. And, it is not about ditto copy of your ads or attractive visuals. It is also about strengthening the unique potential of mobile platform in an appealing way, that will intrigue viewers not only to download the app bit also strongly use it.
It’s all about the innovative and creative approach that can bring variation and bring all the contrast. A user interface that is user friendly is a must, and creative and deliberate planning is required for your on boarding process.
7. Localization
With your app, if you are planning to subdue the world, or if you are thinking of expanding to few new locals in this year, then this step should a part of the mobile marketing strategy. Localization is important, we all know that, as much as 75% of customers prefer buying their products in their local language as studies shows.
Localization does not means uploading app to every single international app store and then translating few ads. In order to triumph in international market, extensive familiarity is required when it comes to culture of targeted audience, content, style and local trends.
One thing to always keep in mind is that we breath in a culture which is internationalized. So, multiple native languages spoken in a single local cannot be ignored. Try to be all-inclusive as possible when it comes to putting efforts towards localization. Localize through all channels of user engagement, from the app UI to app page in different app stores.
The Early Riser
If you can invest your valuable time and thoughts towards strategy for mobile marketing for 2017, you will be having an easy time winning next year.



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