There Is More To Link Building Than We Know. Strategies + Examples  


There Is More To Link Building Than We Know. Strategies + Examples

The importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, in Link Building

Search Engine Optimization generally abbreviated simply as SEO, is a very competitive and continuous process and an important one that every brand on every website needs to do their homework well on and ensure that the strategies they employ in seo link building works for them at optimum levels.

Why SEO? It is this process that helps to get your brand the top visibility it needs when a prospective customer on a search engine, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo or other blindly gropes in the darkness of the world wide web (www) looking for what he wants.

The searcher would have just a “few words or a phrase” which would what he hopes would connect him to what loanchops needs to know and then key in them into his computer and hoping that the machine in front of him would come out with the answers that he wants.

The words that he key’s in are called the “keywords” which the respective search engine provider be it Google, Bing or Yahoo would run through their index on the world wide web (www) and place in front of the searcher on priority basis on his screen from top to bottom even running into several pages depending on the keywords selected and the prioritization of the concerned page.

This is Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is important for a brand to be found easily, fast and first. When a brand is regularly found especially on the first page of a search it is very likely to be picked up for engagement by the searcher who would be in most cases the prospective customer.

What is Link Building

A website of any brand cannot exist on it’s own, either by choice or by chance. It would be linked to other websites in the world wide web (www), this is the link that we are referring to and when we speak about high quality link building we are referring to the incidence and quality of the hyperlinks a brand would be linked to, especially with other brands in other websites rated high on the SEO platform.

Digital marketing professionals continuously feed content into their websites with new keywords trying to get the best mix of keywords and phrases that would hyperlink their brands with other websites hence when a search is initiated their website would be prioritized subjugating other websites and get top visibility on the screen.

Hence high quality link building is very important to sustain a brand on a note of high visibility which is what would continuously keep a brand in the public domain and which would propel it to success.

Planning, implementing, monitoring and guiding link building strategies is a continuous 24×7, all 365 days effort and slacking in the process at any stage would do no good to the brand.

Brands need to be hyperlinked and the more they are linked the easy that they would be found when a search is initiated on Google.

Google helps in Search Engine Optimization or SEO rankings

Google the most omnipresent search engine provider has realized the importance of SEO and have their own mechanisms in place that ensures that only websites that deserve to be at the top remains there.

Those websites that have unscrupulously found loop holes in the system and taken advantage of them and placed them on top have been penalized by Google and this process is now continuous

The checks and balances placed by Google the popularly accessed search engine has deprived those brands projecting falsehoods and only those with high bona fides retain their high positions.

Brands with high quality link building would definitely manage to exist and with Google’s unprecedented help in cleaning up their stables, it is the committed perseverance of the brands that would sustain them.

When Google cracked down on those websites exploiting the loop holes some big names in the business world were netted and stiff fines were imposed on them.

Different types of link building

After Google’s crackdown, seo link building split into many types but retaining the competitiveness among them with the better hyperlinks faring better and holding onto their envious positions whilst the others endeavored to try harder to get back their lost positions.

The field of play is more competitive and with Google looking down with a “Hawk’s eye” only the best of the best are getting the exposure they deserve and the lesser one coming second best.

If a website does not step into the better shoes and be regarded as high quality it would never see the light of day on the top, but remain elsewhere lost in the deep abyss we call the Internet.

Hence there then remains the Good, the bad and the ugly which would also keep their brands always away from their prospective customers.

Powerful content helps in high quality link building

The content on a website relating to a brand should be powerful well presented and have the right information and the appropriate keywords to be easily picked up when searched.

When all your brand’s hyperlinks are in place and growing, you would need to ensure that the content which is updated regularly is giving the return that you envisage.

Strong content continuously updated should do that for your brand. It is a very competitive process and one that would keep your midnight oil burning right throughout the night.

Quality link building with influencers

You could team up with other websites that have a better traffic and by relating yourself to it you could carry your brand too to your potential and prospective customers.

Building trust with these influencers initially is a very important factor as they would not be prepared to take your brand onboard and spoil the name that they have carefully nurture through all these years.

Their cautionary attitude is justifiable as anyone would be apprehensive when taking onboard an unknown entity and assuming that they could upset the “apple cart”.

Once the trust is built then you could easily ride the “surf” and benefit with their goodwill, and towards building trust you could give them something in return and that is to help then out with their endeavors or help out their clients.

Influencers already have a well established customer base and it would help your brand immensely if you could help them and help yourself too.

Ensuring quality link building works for you

Once you have done your homework on what high quality link building really is then you have to promulgate effective link building strategies that would work for your brand.

Prior to embarking on planning link building strategies it is important to determine your end result or goal. What do you want to achieve? This is the question which you should be able to answer at the beginning of the campaign.

Only then would you be able to achieve the goals that you have set because you would be working towards them which would be intertwined with hard work and commitment.

Beginning without a set goal would take you through the link building strategies but never stopping and assessing what you have achieved hence without any major improvement in your business.

In this scenario you might have a rush in traffic but they may not necessarily be converted to meet your objectives and all could be a waste of time hence with a set goal and filtering out traffic that you don’t need would give you only the bona fides which would convert to targeted sales.

Identifying what you want to sell

You must have something to sell, if not there is no use or need for link building strategies or wasting time on any high quality link building.

Once you have made up your mind as to what you are going sell, then you have to identify your target customer base and the influencers who would help you achieve your objectives by moving the product from the shelves.

Next you must have the right content that would attract them to you and engage you in the business for which they should have value for money and you get your profits.

The business should work both ways “satisfying customer needs with profits to you”.

Finding the right influencers

Putting what you have to sell through the Google search engine with the appropriate keywords you could identify the influencers who could be helpful to you.

Picking the right keywords would bring you the best influencers to your business, then select the best of the best and add them to your websites.

Once you have all the right links get them to work for you by reading what links your influencers have on their websites and adding them to your websites.

Sharing content with influencers

You could seek help from “Go-To Guidebooks” which carries a list of links to outstanding content hence you may not have to keep scratching your head to find ways of writing content as everything is all there.

There are other comprehensive helping hands that you could look forward to and some of them are Expanded List Posts, Awards Bait, Infographic, and the Crowdsourced Manual.

Whatever you do keep track of ways to solve your reader’s problems which is what at the end of the day theat would carry the day for you and meet your objectives.

Funneling authority

This is very simple as it is your way of funneling one of your pages to the other and adding more traffic then converting these visitors who arrive into paying customers.

The links that have been created should be guided through to land directly on your page and remain there.

These links should be well identified with the brand you are selling which would help visitors’ easy identification.

The links should contain the right keywords that would help to bring the traffic to your website.

The links to directly bring the prospective customers with the intention to purchase but would not know where to go to in that quest.

Success through high quality link building

Using the right link building strategies to bring the most valuable and bona fides websites to help your cause is important. This would give you access to many more customers than what you could have if you just design a website and wait in hope for something to happen.

It should also be noted that rushing to bring other websites to link with your’s, could be disastrous if the linking is not carefully nurtured, this should be done diligently.

Everything could come crashing down like what has happened for many when caution has been put to the winds. Proper planning and execution of any link building strategies is paramount if what you envisage is completed with success at the end of the day.

It is also to be remembered that SEO is very important and has to go hand in glove with any link building strategies that you would implement for your websites.

It is generally like any well maintained machine is one fails the whole machine stops. Hence it is important that every aspect and step is monitored to achieve the best results.

Concluding it is also necessary that the right professionals are in the right positions to ensure that the whole operation on the link building strategies are executed to total efficiency if positive results are to be reaped.

It is professionals who would bring the right results hence having their inputs at all times towards the success of the website are important.

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