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Twitter Introduces Live Video: Here’s All You Should Know

On 14th December, Twitter made an announcement that users will now be able to broadcast their videos live from Twitter on Android and iOS mobile phones. This is the result of Twitter integrating with Periscope, the app for streaming live videos which was acquired by Twitter in March 2015.

In early 2016, Twitter started promoting, live as well as replayed Periscope videos in Twitter timelines so that users can watch and interact with, even if the user doesn’t have Periscope account.

Now, even if user don’t have a Periscope account, they can still broadcast their videos live, directly from Twitter. Tweets which feature live videos can also be retweeted and liked, and videos on Twitter are capable of generating comments and heart as it happens in Periscope app.

However, this is not twitter’s first razzia, when it comes to live videos this year. Earlier this year, Twitter started off with partnering with several organizations to become that one destination for live videos, featuring NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB Games, Republic and Democratic National Conventions and Presidential debates. With Twitter’s live capability launched, Twitter is establishing its position for gaining user attention, and research confirms that videos are exactly what user want.

Let’s go through a quick guide about how you can go live on Twitter and what effect this announcement might have on video marketing.


Live on Twitter: Here you go

Initiating live broadcast on Twitter is a child’s play. In your mobile app, when you compose a tweet, now there is an option to record your video live, as seen below:


From there, tap the option “Live” and enter a caption which describes your video on your timeline.

Once you have started recording, stopping the broadcast is easy. You can change the cameras perspective, and see who is currently interacting and liking your video:

Once you are done broadcasting, you can check how your video will appear in other twitter user’s timeline. That’s easy, right?


For now: Twitter is able to receive notifications every time a specific handle they follow records live videos, and Twitter states that they can anticipate live videos which will be featured apparently on user’s timeline in future.


So, what’s the next step for Twitter and Periscope?

Twitter infiltrate the arena of live video

If by any chance this video launch reminds you of something, then you are right. This live content update is very much alike Instagram Live and Facebook Live. This live video capability of Twitter’s helps it compete against Instagram and Facebook, one of the two social media rulers that are leaving Twitter miles behind, when it comes to user growth.


Enabling Twitter users to share their own live videos might help Twitter attract new users and increase the overall engagement on the platform, because almost 90% of the video plays happened on mobile phones. When it comes to Facebook, live videos tend to perform 3x better than the embedded ones. So when it comes to Twitter if it performs similarly, Twitter users may broadcast more live videos.

As a Breaking News Source, Twitter Grows

“Live videos tend to be really exciting since it helps in taking two advantages that the network performs so well, being human and breaking news,” Media Marketing Manager of HubSpot, Chelsea Hunersen observed. And turns out she’s right: Twitter has really become a destination when it comes to breaking news information, and the answer to “why” is easy.

In just about 140 characters, it’s quicker and easier to collect information about an expanding story than from any television news or articles, Surveyed by Pew Research Center, 63% of Twitter users confessed that they read their news on the platform, and 59% of the people said that they kept a tab on the news as is was evolving. By introducing live broadcasting into an environment that is already fast, breaking news or evolving news are now even more effortless to share.

This unification of live broadcasting will also dispense greater context for users who want to witness a breaking news event online.


Twitter is now a Video Destination:

Between politics and sports, Twitter has already managed in generating massive audience for their live video events. It’s a huge win for Twitter when users were provided with the ability to broadcast live videos on a famous platform such as Twitter, but in this scenario users are winners too. As the popularity of streaming videos grows, specifically among Millennials, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all fighting and competing amongst each other to gain the attention of their young viewers and users.  Launching live videos could succor Twitter to attract more partnerships similar to the ones made with professional sports leagues and local cable news networks to gain more attention for their video content.

Future is Unknown for Periscope

When it comes to Periscope, and app that swanks 110 years of live broadcastings per day being streamed, what going to be next is unclear. With unification of Periscope’s capabilities now available on Twitter without having a Periscope account, we are not quite sure if Twitter will continue developing the app they acquired last year (2015). It’s a business in the end for now, but it’s going to be interesting to witness if Periscope’s numbers start decreasing as twitter users ramp up their live broadcasting.   

We are thrilled to see how this Twitter launch will unfold and impact Periscope and other different social media platforms. Expect more and more content from us in terms of competition for users, engagement, the growing vogue of live videos, and shares, and even more insights about recording a broadcast which Twitter users will love.  











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