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Want To 10x Your Sites Traffic Using Social Media? Twitter Deep Dive Is For You

The use of social media is getting faster day by day. People spend much of their time in tweeting and posting different things and products on social media. It includes facebook, twitter, instagram and much more. Due to the wide range of networks available, one should get familiar with all the cons and pros of all social networks and take some advantage from it.  We use social media a lot but in actual we are not familiar with many of its other characteristics.

 Social media helps in developing the goals. It helps n increasing the website traffic. One can also build the conversions through it. One can also raise the brand awareness through such ways. It also helps in creating a brand identity and positive brand associations. One can also improve communication and interaction with key audiences.  This week, Whiteboard Friday is hosted by Tara Reed who tells the audience many more features of using social networks. Tara Reed is a CEO of appswithcode.com.  She’ll walk the audience through the thing that how visitors drive directly to our website and to the content that converts.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone!

I am Tara Reed, CEO of appswithoutcode.com, and today I am here to talk about how to use social media to 10x your website traffic. It is not a difficult concept. Let’s talk about the working!

In order to built a well-oiled machine you are required to implement the three parts of the following three step process. These are as follows:


The first step of the process is reach. This is the point which most of the people missed. Let’s discuss how it works. As you know that social media is getting faster day by day. People spend much of their time in posting or tweeting. For example if someone posts about their company which helps people in finding an appropriate apartment then you can see that hundreds and thousands of people comment on the post saying different things. How you, being a member of the company deal with this? Let’s discuss this. First of all use an appropriate keyword in order to respond them. There are four different ways through which you can engage with such people. You can simply:

  • Like their posts
  • Follow them
  • Add them to a list
  • Send them a DM

Your task is to engage the people and not to allow them simply hanging out there. You can use any of the above mentioned method of your choice and 10x your website traffic.

I have outlined some of the resources for you in order to do that. Socedo and Narrow.io are the two tools which helps in identifying the prospective customers, prospective users and prospective visitors f your website.     


After identifying and reaching the customers, now it’s time to perform a second strategy which is to click. In order to do this I recommend people a 14 day experiment. In this experiment you are required to post 14 posts and you are posting these posts with some valuable and interesting content.  The purpose of doing this is that people spend 13 to 14 minutes on twitter or some other social network at a time. By posting the posts one is familiar of the things and do visit the link for once. Now in order to execute this 14 day experiment you are required to make a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet must contain two columns.  In the first column place all the links of your top blog posts.  In the second column you are required to write a piece of content or a tweet. Yu can also add some accompanying image with the blog post. The spread sheet will move about 28 rows as you are required to make 14 posts. You have to write the content in different manner in all the posts.  There are some resources available which helps you to perform the task well.  First is a book named as “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by writer Gary Vaynerchuk, and the second resource is a spreadsheet.


Now it’s time for the third part. The third part of the strategy is to recycle your content. This is important because as people are spending a few minutes seeing different posts on twitter so you are require using a tool in order to recycle your content.

As in above mention strategies some tools are also mentioned which helps in executing that specific task some is the case with this strategy. Here in recycle a tool named as Edgar is also defined. This tool allows you to recycle the content. How it actually works? Let’s discuss about this. When after the blog post has gone up one day, 14 days later or a month later then it will show up again. In this way it allows you to recycle your content on auto-pilot.

This strategy includes two parts. These are outreach part and the recycling part. You are required to maintain the content and add new content to the funnels. Bring the people too your website by using above mentioned strategies and engage them. 

The above mentioned strategies help in increasing the traffic on the social websites and in faster indexing. Media and social websites is a strong platform through which one can share or advertise the product and increase the traffic. Velocity is something that businesses often get scared off.

The content written on all the 14 experiments should be in such a way that it totally looks different from the previous one. The workflow mentioned above helps in expanding social reach. As we know that with the more use of internet and social sites, the networks helps in making the business grow and it is true that twitter is the best social tool among all. In order to work or advertise something through social media or run some business through it, then there are some techniques which should be considered. By following these techniques one can remain on the right track beyond all your social media campaigns.

These key points or techniques include planning, Importance of content, Brand image, links, blog and measures. One may need to develop a complete strategy plan in order to understand the working and dealing. When you advertise something through social media then the most important thing among all is to target the right people. The people mostly attract towards something when they found the material unique.

 You can make your posts highlighted by using this strong content and appropriate hash tags which will surely help you.  Social media is a great way of gaining traffic for some business. One should know how to take advantage of these resources. The above mention strategies help in the time when one tried to promote their small business or something.

If the tweeted link is with some strong content then you can definitely get the attention of the audience, as social media has become the cost effective source in order to generate traffic.  One can post without any cost or any difficulty of great level. Just simply write the strong content and post it. By using the above mention strategies you can 10x your website traffic by using the social media.



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