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The Second Act of Inbound Marketing: Things you need to do in 2017 as an Inbound Marketer

In the beginning just like the other marketing ideas inbound marketing was not an evolution. Indeed, we can regard it as a revolution. With this amazing technique the old method of large companies in which they utilized their power of money to advertise and beat the small companies. Therefore, we can say that the inbound market has now made the game of the campaigns equal and the best will get the customers.

Here the quality of your creativity will matter more than your money. So if we fast-forward to the today’s world, it has become one of the most important and famous forms of the marketing campaign. This is the reason that supply and demands have also been dynamically changed. If we take the example of the 10 years back, the customers had the choice of only a few products that they could buy. However, in the present age, almost every product or service is available online.

The choices have become infinite. The demands have become flat and the supply is increasing on daily basis. As the competition is enhancing thus, it has become very important for the seller to understand that how their buyers will search for a particular product and how they can grab their attention.

So here is what you should do in 2017 to make inbound marketing matter for the success of your business.

How to be acknowledged in 2017

In 2006, it was seen that google provided links to the users so that they can find their required information. However, today the click is not required anymore. Now you just have to look for the answer box that is rich of the information that you might be looking for. It has been shown by the studies that 20 to 35% of the people use the answer box every day.

  • Google is now filled with the information. This is the reason that now all you have to do is asks for it and all your work will be done. Thus, the clicks on the answer box are increasing and people are able to look for the information that they require.
  • Thus in the present age, you just not need to create content. What you require to do is produce such kinds of wordings that will range higher in the ranking and attracts the search engines of google. Apart from that, if you have a little budget you can also use the special ads. They are available at affordable rates so that even the small companies can use the power of inbound marketing to attract their potential customers.
  • The best way to advertise your brand in this age is the social media sites especially the facebook that has billion of users.

All you have to do is make sure that you do not leave any point where you can market your brand and business in the best possible.

Tips to create compelling content in 2017

The way that people used to find the companies has recently been changed. However, the format and the style of content as been advanced as well.

Watching content

What you have to consider is that people prefer watching to reading. Thus, in the modern age videos and images have become a more strong content than the written data. However, it has to be considered that it is not the age of the long videos. All you have to do is create the smallest video that will make the people get the idea and remember it.

You would be surprised to know that 85% of the videos today are being without the audio.

Responsive web design

The usage of mobile has increased dramatically. This is the reason that the business owners have to make sure that the written or the video content they post on the blogs should be accessible on the smartphones as well. This can only be made possible with the responsive web design.

The websites should have easy and understandable interface, as well as the videos, should be easily played on smartphones. As the more, easily users can load the information the more attracted they will be towards your products.

Social media

The most important thing is the relevance of your brand with the social media. The more relevant the content will be the easier it will be for you to advertise it on Facebook and twitter and thus more people will get access to it by sharing and retweeting. The best part is the most of the buyers are available on such social media sites and thus, it will be the best way to attract the attention of the potential buyers.

The way buyers buy in 2017

In the old days when the buyers had liked a product on the website, they would have simply got on the phone to finalize the deal. However, in this age, the scene is completely changed. Now the buyer can simply with a click of their mouse buy the product that they have loved.

The techniques for buying have also been innovated and the system has got to be very easy and innovational. This is the reason that now the reputation of the sales will show that how successful your business is.

The modern buyers are looking for the self-services. As the choices for them are increasing so, they want their way around. So it has become very important for the business owners to make sure that once a customer is on their website he is so much attracted that he cannot go anywhere else.

Advice for 1017

Here are some tips that you must follow in 2017 regarding your inbound marketing campaign:

  • Enhance the content of your website in the modern way. The more you will invest in the videos the more productivity you will have. Make sure to digitalize all your content to attract maximum customers.
  • Keep in mind that your organization is business to human and thus you must target all such places where humans mostly belong. It will enhance the brand awareness and the viewers will increase as well. All social media sites specially Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, messenger should be you focus points. As the more creative, your inbound campaign will be on the sites that more you will earn.
  • It is the time that you combine the paid marketing with the content marketing for the best possible results. Share your content on as many platforms as you can as it will turn into budget for you and you cannot image the profit that you might earn from it.
  • Make sure that your buying procedure is automated. The buyers these days like to be in contact with those sites that will them the authority to buy the products themselves without the interaction with any third party or human contacts

So make sure that you follow these tips as they will take your business to the next level of success that you might not be able to imagine just yet.

Therefore, it is the time that you accelerate your content with the help of the videos and be live on the social sites. As they will be your best possible way to grab the attention of the customers. 2017 will be the year of the inbound marketing that will make your business successful. So make you campaign the best.


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