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The Most Effective Ways to Earn More Clicks on Facebook Ads

More and more marketers continually turn to Facebook these days; Facebook Ads is quickly becoming the most preferred network for paid ads. According to research by Business 2 Community, the platform accounts for nine percent of digital adverts expenditure, and 18 percent of the money spent globally on mobile digital ads. The startling thing is the huge built-in audience you reach when you opt to utilize the network.


Below are a couple of facts, from Business 2 Community’s info-graphic, that reveals the sheer size of the audience;

Estimated Facebook Audience Size

• Active Facebook users every month totals 1.39 Billion in number


• Active Facebook mobile phone users per month totals 1.19 billion in number



Additionally, people spend unbelievably long time on the network; the ordinary person spends nearly one hour (40 minutes) every day on Facebook.


How to Maximize CTR

Breaking everything down further shows that Facebook marketers have a common interest, which is, to optimize their CTR (Click-through-rate). They want, specifically, their clicks to emanate from a qualified, appropriate leads that have a higher chance of converting. This scenario begs a simple yet very significant question: Which are the most efficient ways to earn more clicks on Facebook Ads? Below we elaborate various tactics and approaches, based on in-depth research, and which have worked for us, at Top Seo Now. The strategies will not only help you earn more clicks, but also ensure you eventually get a healthy conversion rate.

1. Target Your Specific Demographic


Facebook’s range is simply ridiculous. It, literally, gives you access to a wide variety of people, who log into their account on a daily basis. Subsequently, it’s crucial that you narrow down your audience to ensure that your ads are revealed to the right persons. You can achieve this objective by specifying the demographic that you are targeting and notifying Facebook precisely the group of individuals you are trying to reach. Luckily, Facebook makes the process of doing so is fairly easy.

How to specify your target

To target users according to factors such as location, gender, interests, age group and so on, proceed as follows;

Once you have created a campaign as well as an advert account in Facebook’s Ads Manager, the third step (Your Ad Set) is next. Scroll down a bit until you come to the “Audience” section, and define your audience, schedule, and budget. Choosing your location, marked by a suitable radius ensures that your adverts are only displayed in the area that matters to you. Note that the default range setting is 25 miles, but can always alter it by clicking on the arrow, nearby. Similarly, the default setting for the following age group setting is 18-65, although you can change using the same procedure. Moreover, you can specify the gender by clicking on Gender, and choose appropriately. The “Language” section, which is quite self-explanatory, comes next.


Include Hyper-specific Audience

You need to pay particular attention to “Detailed Targeting”, though. It is essential to carefully think things through so as to include a hype-precise audience. While you can enter a behavior, demographic or interest criteria manually, Facebook can help you find the most suitable criteria. It also automatically gives you additional ideas according to the specific term you enter. Just choose that which is most pertinent to your audience. You can, however, narrow the demographic by locking out some people. All you have to do to utilize this feature is click on “Narrow Audience” or “Exclude People”.

Of importance here is to be detailed while you are identifying your demographic. Doing so will go a long way in helping you increase your CTR, besides increasing your conversion rate enabling you to realize better overall ROI.


2. Use Images

Facebook is the only Pay Per Click (PPC) platform that permits you to use pictures, a huge plus. However, not any image will work. The picture you opt to use will ultimately dominate your ad, and as such, it is important to be particularly careful while choosing. There is a particular formula that we follow. Check it out below;

Contrast; Aim to grab your user’s attention immediately, and get their eyeballs focused on your ad. A tried-and-tested way to achieve this objective is to use a lot of contrast. You can, for example, try bright images on a light background to create an impression of “items popping out.” It is advisable to stick to a simple, clean, virtually minimalistic aesthetic as it looks magnificent and helps your users focus.

The power of people smiling; People have an inclination to respond, positively, when they see other people in adverts. Images of people create an emotional connection, which, in turn, make users receptive to checking out your ads. They also build trust. Aware of this fact, we always endeavor to include images of Top Seo Now personnel in our ads. We recommend using pictures of attractive people smiling (of the opposite gender to the one you are targeting) for an even stronger emotional connection. Even though “attractive” is subjective, it is a paramount factor.

Resist the temptation to use Stock Photos; many Facebook marketers, particularly when starting, is to utilize stock photos because it is fast, easy and inexpensive (They’re available free of charge on Facebook). However, you should avoid. Why? Many of them have an element of cheesiness and hence do not feel genuine. They appear extremely substandard. While they are suitable for other forms of contents like blog posts, we don’t recommend using stock photos for Facebook Ads. Most Facebook users are used to seeing actual pictures belonging to their family and friends on Facebook, and as such commonplace stock photos simply won’t cut it. Instead, use real images since they get even more clicks.

3. Craft a striking headline

The headline is yet another essential element of an effective Facebook Ad; the headline in your content is of remarkably valuable because eight out of ten people read headline copy, but only two out of ten read the rest. A simple description of the best headline is; short and precise. So, how short is short, exactly? Jeff Bullas reveals that posts whose length does not exceed 80 characters get 66 percent higher engagement compared to longer posts. Furthermore, very brief posts (between one and forty characters) realize a lot of engagements.


By precise we mean you should target your headline right to your offer. Make sure your offer to Facebook users very clear; there should also be no confusion at all. Besides a great headline getting you more clicks, it maximizes the number that ultimately ends up converting.


4. Write a killer copy

In just one sentence or two, straightforwardly motivate Facebook users and encourage them to take the next step and click. However, executing this strategy is more difficult that it sounds. Research on the certain phrases, depending on your niche that drive clicks on Facebook posts. Each and every niche has specific phrases that maximize clicks. Below are three that we find particularly potent across various categories;

#1. “Want (blank)? Check out (blank): [Link]”

This phrase immediately addresses the requirements and pain points of the target audience, encouraging them to click links provided.


#2. “Learn how to (perform an activity): [Link]

We have used this technique many times, both on Facebook and in our other overall campaigns. By promising to provide the answer to a burning query your audience has, you will successfully drive an enormous amount of clicks.


#3. “Need to (Solve an issue)? Here is the easiest way to do so: [LINK]”

Most consumers are afflicted with some form of problem. Precisely explain that you have a solution, and witness your CTR increase tremendously. If you pay close attention, there is a predominant pattern of prominent sales copy on Facebook Ads. The trick is to connect your audience’s predicament point, problem, and so forth, with clicking on your advert to provide a not overthink, though. Just make it brief and straight to the point.


5. Personal opinion

The little trick that many are not aware of yet has the potential to increase your CTR is to include your personal opinion. A good example is to use sentences such as outdated social media tactics people still use (#4 is the most obsolete). We tested this strategy, and the difference in Click-through-rate was an imposing 8 percent, a substantial difference. So, whenever possible, use this little trick. It takes a very short time but has a significant impact.


6. Add a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Evidently, people generally respond positively to CTA buttons. Surprisingly, Facebook gives you an opportunity to add CTA button effortlessly to your ads. Among the various CTA options available to you include “Download”, Shop Now” and “Learn More”. Facebook’s Ad Help Center provide a step-to-spet procedure on how to utilize the CTA.

image01-4 (1)

7. Provide social proof

Social proof is so significant, it in many cases make or break your marketing campaign. A caption with a user professing that you helped them achieve a specific objective will greatly increase your conversions. Startlingly, you can also use this strategy for leverage with your Facebook Ads. Telling your target audience you managed to attain thousands of downloads in a single day makes them conclude the item must be legit. Thousands of people can’t be wrong, after all.

The exact situation may differ depending on your particular goal and that which you’re trying to market. However, of importance is to factor in the idea of social proof while constructing your ad. Make an effort to quell any form of fears or skepticism your audience may be having, and which may be preventing them from clicking.


8. Scheduling your posts

Since you are utilizing a social network, timing is of great importance. The time you post something impacts the number of impressions as well as clicks it gets. According to specialists the best time to post is between 9 and 7 pm. This duration is, however, too broad. A study revealed that the optimum time that will ensure your post gets the most shares is 1 pm. 3 pm, on the other hand, is ideal for getting the maximum number of, since our principal goal is to get a maximum number of clicks, 3 pm is the most appropriate time to post Facebook Ads.

Go to “Budget and Schedule” in Facebook Ad manager and skip the default setting labeled “Run my advert set continually starting today” and click on “Set a start & end date.” A drop box pops up underneath. Set the time appropriately in the resulting box. Additionally, post once daily and you will get the most clicks per post because users tend to ignore you when you post several times every other day. Also, share your most valuable posts on Thursday/Friday because the rates of engagements are higher by 3.5 percent on nowdays.


9. A/B Testing

Lastly, perform some thorough A/B testing to get your Facebook Ads right. Even when you’re getting a healthy CTR rate, it can always get better. Do some experiments just to see the post that will drive the highest response from your target audience. We firmly recommend testing;

Different images

Header alterations

Copy variations

Call-to-action phrases.



Facebook Ads is the most exciting PPC platform currently. The CPC is quite sensible compared to several other platforms, and you can, possibly, attain well over a billion people. Understandably, there are very many factors that determine how successful you will be; you can’t only haphazardly shoot up adverts and expect to explode it. You should use proven psychological triggers and strategies that have been established to work. By using the strategies above, you should substantially improve your CTR, thus getting valuable for your money with Facebook Ads.

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