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Check Out The Statistical Time Required To Top The Google’s Search

This is a delicate issue for anyone who is versed in SEO.

One of the things Top Seo Now greatly recommends is link building. 

Link building does not enjoy a cozy impression in the hearts of many. The abuse by some marketers has given it a wrong twist. 

Many people cry redemption by calling link building terms such as ‘’reputation building.’’

It is vital to reiterate, there is nothing wrong with link building if it is done in the right way!

Top Seo Now opposes black-hat link building or any spamming technique. 

We remain committed to ethical and reputable links that go with great contents!

The interesting part of link building is that it takes time to get its rich results. 

A good long term strategy always trumps short term gains.

This is a critical issue because link building is essential if you want to fully engage the dynamics in SEO.

Based on Top Seo Now’ experience of working in this range, we want to address the subject of getting to the top of SERPs with link building. 


The Solution: It wavers

This response is quite frustrating. 

If you go through the whole article which we strongly recommend, you will see lots of analysis, data and numbers. 

The answer to this subject of getting to the top of SERPs depends on so many factors. 

It pays to understand how SEO works in order to get a grasp of this topic. 

An important perspective is to understand: The role links play in influencing the placement of new contents.

The Facts: What we discovered and the method we used

In order to serve you with the right resource, we partnered with 3 leading data institutions: – We engaged BuzzSumo to generate good ideas for articles and to connect with influencers. BuzzSumo enabled us to get dates of content publication and their current performance. – This study required that we get data on thousands of keywords and other resources that are related to this subject. – We laid huge emphasis on metric domain rating. We got over 150,000 lines of data from Ahrefs as it is pivotal to the success of this study.

We looked at pages that were published in 2016 and took about 20,000 URLs. Each month of the year had us study 12 separate data points for each of the URLs.

Here are our findings:

– The timing of the first link on each page.
– The ranking of each domain every other month. 
– The Ahref’s metrics helped to capture how incoming links improved the page’s performance. 
– The time the page got its first ranking for the selected keywords that are currently in use.
– The traction of the ranking on Google.

Viral Blog

We used a thorough method to analyze the factors surrounding each keyword and URL.

We separated major items from SEMRush’s organic data and measured them. 

viral blog

Ahrefs helped us a great deal in understanding the Domain rating. 

Viral Blog

How did we arrive at these ratings?

If a given Domain has a page with a dofollow link to another page on a different Domain – we capture the fact that the second Domain has a link from the first one. 

DR helps to give you great insight into link building. 

A lowly rated domain that has very little number of linked domains can have a strong influence on your DR more than very popular domains that links millions of domains. 

You do not need a link from a popular domain to boost your ranking. 

You can design a link that works on a niche site and connects to few other websites.

This will increase your DR and positively affect your Google rank. It is a smart move that pays rather than depend on a link from a very popular website. 

In order to determine if a URL gets to the top 2 pages in Google, it can take some complicated type of measurement to discern. 

We tried to capture the right movement that best addresses the purpose of this study.

In order to qualify a page that has a ranking keyword, it had to get to the top two pages of the Google SERP. We removed keywords that did not meet this criterion.

We measured the percentage change in position each month. We calculated the average based on the number of months that their position changed. 

This system gave us a good picture of the performance of the URLs and the momentum they enjoyed. 

The truth is that many factors influence the ranking of a page. 


The Outcome

These are the key take-homes from the millions of data points that we analyzed:

– Average Highest Rank Position: 1.81
– Average time (in months) it took to reach this position: 3.39 (about 100 days)
– Average domain rating of the ranking page: 49.6
– Average total referring domains: 25

It is important to emphasize that the above figures are averages. Your results may differ.


The composite Average Highest Rank Position: 1.81

The average page we analyzed stood at an average position of 1.81.

It is vital to reiterate you can rank on the first page of Google with a particular keyword and it can be done in less than 4 months. 


The monthly Average time for attaining this position: 3.39 (about 100 days) 

Our study shows that there is no simple answer to enjoy top ranks. It takes a page an average time of 3.39 months to get to the top position.


Average domain rating of the ranking page: 49.6

The average ranking page in our analysis had a DR of 49.6.

How to work with this data…

It is critical to have a fair idea of the current domain rating of your website. A good place to start is to use Ahrefs

Viral blog


The correct understanding of your DR against the average range will help you know how long it will take you to rank (in line with some of the things we have shared). The essence is never to be dismayed. Links are only a little part of a whole lot of factors that can influence your ranking. 


Take-Home Points

1. Big websites rank better and faster than small websites.

You must note that SERPs is quite competitive. 

A well known website ranks faster than an unknown site. 

Sites with DR higher than 55 enjoyed more links than sites whose DR is in a lower category (say 50-55).


2. New contents give you a greater boost in ranking.

Contents with fresh content or new twists can take advantage of the Google algorithm. Google gives priority to such and this can help you hit the top of the SERPs. 

3. Stay focused on link building.

Link building takes a lot of guts. 

The slow months of no visible result help to build a solid foundation for good ranking. 

Once Google catches on with your pattern, it can help to drive the momentum that will land you on its first page. 

4. Indirect methods for link building are not always the best. 

Indirect methods rely on social media, brand signals or influencers to get you the right visibility. 

It is better to use a link from an influential website to generate the right results.

Indirect methods do not build links fast. 

5. Quickly build links at least 1.8 months after publishing your content. 

A link building strategy that falls within the 1.8 month window can help you to top the SERPs.

Google sees your content as fresh within this window. A good link building system can push you to Google’s top pages. Any time outside this window will greatly slow       your ranking on Google.

6. Choose keywords carefully before building contents around them.

Due diligence on a keyword is very important

If another website is currently enjoying a high ranking with a given keyword, it may be difficult for you to oust them when you use a similar link profile. 

A simple way to know if a keyword that is in use by the competition is worth pursuing is by following this easy method. 


Find out:

1.If you are operating in the same niche? If the answer is yes, you can move to question 
2.Do they enjoy good ranking for the keyword you intend to use? If the answer is yes, you can proceed to question 
3.Is their domain rating within my current average or at least within 5 points of mine? If the answer is yes, then you have a good chance to compete.



It is worth emphasizing that link building works.

A website with no links cannot rank higher than a website that has quality links. 

Is it important to keep building links? It is one of the smartest investments you can make!

Is there a chance that you will hit success? The possibilities are very high.

One of your major responsibilities as a content marketer or an SEO is to buoy the ranking of your site. 

This can be achieved through a methodical, careful and cautious process of building high quality links. 

You can take these data and begin to work your way to enjoying high ranking through link building. 


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