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Top SEO Methods To Improve The Online Influence Of a Small Website

The decision by businesses to invest in SEO is majorly hampered by the stereotype and perception that their websites are way small for SEO. Whether it is the top-tier companies or just simple small-scale businesses, the mentality towards SEO investing is similar and to some extent, it seems pretty legitimate because:

Why spend time investing in SEO when your site is having almost no significant visitors?’

Nonetheless, this is where most people go wrong because the best time to invest in SEO is when there are insignificant visits to your site. Why then should you invest in SEO? There are numerous reasons but the most noteworthy one is that this is precisely the objective of SEO-boost the visibility’ of your website. Spending time in SEO may well be the game changer from absolutely nil visitors to a constant influx of visits to your site.

Moreover, by relying on SEO, the business saves on costs. SEO happens to be the most cost efficient marketing method particularly for small businesses that have a small marketing budget. For small budget businesses, methods such as ads-although with quick results may well burn through their overall budget. However, despite not assuring instant traffic upticks, SEO establishes a long-term solid foundation with a constant flow of visitors.

In comparison to other methods, SEO offers a far better quality of traffic than a business would get from using techniques such as PPC campaigns. Why? It provides warm, interested and engaged traffic while PPC only pulls in traffic provided you are reimbursing every user’s click a method that takes a significant amount of time to come up with the right’ landing page, curiosity and client journey as of a paid ad. Even for a business that has literally no visitors, applying SEO techniques can ultimately set it up running.

As is the case with the introduction of a new concept anywhere in the world, there are specific ways which SEO is done to ensure optimum results and outcome.

Some of the most effective ways to do it include:


Probably the most tasking technique when initiating SEO for a firm, developing content strategy is the first important step any business owner needs to take after the decision to invest in SEO. Nonetheless, this method has garnered much unpopularity, particularly with small sites because of the resulting load of work it mandates. Yes, there is a significant amount of work required, but immersing yourself in blog posts is not the way to go about it.

So why is content strategy important? Everywhere in the world, people are seeking for answers and with the world currently filled with cheap talk, people are after authoritative answers. Take the example of major Blogs such as Copyblogger and Backlinko. Looking at their success, it is easy to assume that their success has been inspired by posting massive content; however, the success has been driven by posting numerous amounts of authoritative content-authoritative posts catapulted them to top-tier.

Authoritative Content

These two sites provide important insight into what needs to be done which is to provide comprehensive answers to questions asked by individuals and you get noticed as is clear with their numbers.

For companies that apply content marketing, their subsequent conversion rate is six times more than that of their competitors not using it. Now that its importance is outwardly clear, how do you create the content strategy?

It is done using two key steps:

  • Begin by figuring out exactly what you want to write about
  • Take the step and write about it.

When figuring what to include in your write-up:

  1. Identify the link between the product or service you are offering and the market gap-what prospect customers are after.

Rather than commencing with customary keyword research’ take a time to approach it from a broader angle. Once you identify your product/service and the market gap’ the consequent link between the two will form the basis of you supposed content plan. If aptly executed, your business will entice individuals in either their research phase/consideration phase of their consumer journey.

buyer's journey

Take the example of an SEO for a dentist firm or office. When creating the content, you are familiar with some basics of what people are in search of such as:

  • How to land the best dentist.
  • How one can save costs on the dentist.
  • How to avoid getting overcharged by a dentist.
  • How one can save money if they have no insurance.
  • What to look forward to on visiting the dentist.
  • How do I prep my kids for a visit to the dentist?
  • Is drilling painful?

There is a host of potential topics from which you can create content about. Focus on several of them and comprehensively write solid content effectively covering every aspect. If you are a beginner, you can check out content ideas from Yelp and follow these simple steps:



Search your preferred business type and the subsequent area where you are located

Identify a business having numerous reviews and then click open the business name


scroll for reviews

Scout for complaints and negative customer reviews to identify the contention points than promise to resolve them


In the example of an SEO for a dentist firm, there may be some concerns such as:

  1. How to avert insurance issues once you are at the office?
  2. Is the dentist attempting rip you off?
  3. How can you negotiate with that dentist?

Positive reviews can also be a source of useful SEO content. With these types of reviews, you can get first-hand insight on several additional items people may be seeking.

positive reviews

In the case of our example, some of the additional things you can identify with respect to a dentist may include:

  1. Dental emergency.
  2. Locate emergency dentist close by.
  3. Dental firms which allow walk-ins.

When relying on reviews from firms similar to yours, the most important thing to always remember that people are constantly in search of answers to significant questions relative to your services or products.

As you continuously and relentlessly research on these concerns, you will be in a position to effectively satisfy all inquiries.

  1. Create content along the lines of these subjects

The second segment in the process of content strategy creation is execution and this where you actually write the content. One thing you need to keep in mind is that long-form content is the best type of content; gone are the times when one would succeed by pumping out short word count articles. For you to inspire the intrigue, curiosity from clients as you desire, you require long, profoundly drafted authoritative content.

What of the keyword research?

In recent times, there has been a change in the customary keyword research’. Nowadays, the importance is more on issues like user intent rather than typical keywords. The focus is majorly on the users, precisely on what they want, exactly what they are after and or what inspires their curiosity. Of course, you will ultimately do a bit of keyword research but what is more significant than this is identifying what interests your audience and how best to avail it.


Tip 1: Take it easy, there is no need to get overwhelmed with posts, weekly webinars and emails simultaneously. The best way to go about it is to direct your attention to one particular content at a go. To begin with, you can commence with blogging. Why? It is both a simple way to establish a content strategy and is also a very cost-efficient technique.


From adespresso

If you decide to blog, focus on long-tail keywords-typical keyword execution but on hyper-speed. Moreover, plan beforehand and aim to deliver at least between one and two posts on a weekly basis you can also write them prior and this will give you a backlog of usable content.

Tip 2: Adhere to a schedule that is regular. If you have set yourself to publishing 3 blogs on a weekly basis, stick to it.

Tip 3: Diversify. As soon as you are accustomed to your initial type of content, attempt another type

The objective is initiating productive routines important to your content strategy. Just get to your preferred content type and adhere to it.

Final tip: Share all your content! Despite most of the individuals being familiar with that content marketing’ phrase, they mostly on that part on content’ and neglect the marketing part’. There are numerous sites that boast momentously useful content but they never put it out. As such, they fail to receive significant traffic or even visibility in most search engines.

Surprisingly even with the effective long-tail keyword strategy and no content marketing, the result is the same, no traffic and no visibility! When sharing content, make use of every social network forum whether major or small such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. One good place you can start with aside from the common ones is Quora.


In a nutshell, those are the most effective ways of establishing the content strategy. In your quest to do this, ensure that the strategy you create is a solid one.

Successful SEOs have two major factors in common: Strategy and Research. To guarantee optimum results, take your time and pay attention to details in your strategy since this will inspire a long-term solid foundation which you will reap benefits from for a long time.


Unlike before where marketing as a one-way medium produced impeccable result, the scenery has changed. Unleashing major global campaigns structured to suit one-way consumption and using TV and newspaper ads is no longer the catch. Marketing is engaging. Brands are able to interact with their clients over forums such as social media where even bloggers have long spells of conversations in their comments provision. So what is the link between this and SEOs? Astoundingly, everything! To best grasp this, it is important to review the key purposes of SEO which are:

These goals are easiest achieved where you establish a following which trusts you. Why? If they trust you, they not only frequently visit the site but subsequently share with others your content. Most of the visitors to your site will turn into customers and will consequently identify the site like an authority. This means that you are relieved of the burden of chasing after customer attention, they continuously grow since they trust you and in extension the brand.

Establishing an audience should be part of your goals as soon as you start out. If you are in a position to establish an initial following which trusts you, it boosts your chances of success.

Establishing a following from scratch:

One of the common mistakes brands and individuals commit prior to establishing an audience is either going at it without first identifying who their following is or focus on trying to please everybody. So if this is not the way which is? It is easy, conduct a psychographics and demographics analysis-identify who is your audience and what they want.

These two components can be measured by use of Google Analytics (GA). To successfully do establish an audience follow these steps:

Using Reporting tab, scroll to the sidebar on the left and find Audience > Demographics > Overview. This is for the Demographics

google analytics

  • As for the Psychographics, use the sidebar on your left and find the move to Audience > Interests > Overview. This will give you an idea of your audiences’ preference.
  • ga1
  1. The section on Affinity Categories offers you information on the topics most frequently browse by your visitors for instance: cooking, sports
  2. The section on In-Market Segments can aid you in evaluating the exact place you users are in their journey.
  3. The section on Other Categories offers you a comprehensive view of your audience providing you with a clear picture of what they are actually into. For instance, East Asian cuisine.

Even so, these are just basic tips for your demographics and psychographics and there is so much out there which can allow you to achieve best results. After identifying the key information relative to your audience such as their preferences and inclinations, the next big thing is to entice them to your site. Despite this being a major challenge for most sites, after an acquisition of initial traffic, it gets easier to retain these visitors.

However, to best achieve this, it is mandatory you have a concrete value proposition. Why do they need to stick around? What are these benefits you will offer them? Basically, you will need to provide your readers with value as is with your established content strategy and so will you want to establish a following in this process. Some of the most reliable strategies for building an audience are paid advertising and guest posting.

Nevertheless, use a personal approach with your audience. Why so may you ask? Because you want to create a lasting impression for the value provided. When you take your time to provide quality value to your audience, you create trust and they begin to identify your brand as the authority. Once you inspire trust, you are good to go!

Optimize the site to suit mobiles:

Contrary to public opinion, creating the mobile version of a website is different from creating a mobile-friendly version of it. Fully optimizing a website to suit mobile devices goes beyond the creation of a mobile version there is so much to it.

Some of the things to uphold when doing so include:

  1. a) Design one that incorporates fat finger’ individuals: It is pretty annoying where the mobile site is significantly small to the point that you end up clicking on wrong buttons. Despite the mobile phone trend heading towards larger devices, it is still important to keep in mind size when doing so.
  2. b) Keep away from using popups (interstitials): Google has been on a mission to bring down interstitials-the pop-ups which mandate for you to click on an X button for them to close.

Avoid using popups and rely on other types of email captures like one utilized by SumoMe where they use click triggers which only appear as a user clicks on an item.


After creating it, you can verify and test it using the Mobile SEO tool by Varvy to get a picture of how it performs on a mobile phone. Moreover, if you want to boost the mobile SEO, one of the best sites you can rely on is topseonow.


Contrary to popular opinion, a huge website is not the key to reaping amazing SEO benefits. All you need to do is start where you are with all you got and gradually work yourself through to the top. No time is a bad time to start! Just like seeds require constant watering to sprout and become fully grown, so does your business need SEO to grow and better if it is done at the start of the venture.

If you have been looking for the solution to boosting your ratings and overall success of your business, adhere to these tools and you can bet you will see a change almost instantly.



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