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The Remarkable Takeaway Of 2016 Introduced By 13 SEO Expert

Fili Wiese, the former member of the Google search quality team:
We have already experienced the incredibly amazing SEO and evolution of search industry at the point of 2016 we are standing now, i.e., November 2016. For many online businesses throughout the globe, Holiday season is considered to be the most important and short quarter and hence it is not appropriate to launch an algorithm or product that might disturb the market. 2016 was an addition in the series of exciting years on wards.
Mel Carson, who launched Delightful:
I’m definitely in love with how the industry of research marketing has considered our campaign # MajesticInSpace campaign. When I initiated in search 16 years ago, I could not even imagine that a private organization like Majestic will be capable of standing and competeting with Microsoft and Google like and manage to aid digital marketers stay in the an Omni-channel atmosphere and compete properly by gathering a vast amount of data. If you would say we will even be able to make sure that the internet is 3D printed that would be 250 miles away from the earth on the International Space Station. I would say you have gone crazy! We are doing it after a duration of 16 years, and it is my luck that I am a part of this evolution!
David Iwanow, the director of strategy at BlueGlass:
Google is aggressively moving ahead with the mobile and in my point of view it’s the biggest shift. To get involved with the mobile is no longer a choice anymore. During the time of last one and half year, App Indexing has extended aggressively trailed by the incredible rolling out of the AMP. Google is now forcing the first index of the cell phone. You cannot ignore mobile due to all these moves towards the quickly evolving business that is getting fast as well. To be for completion in 2017, get on board with the mobile or get out of the way.
Jan-Willem Bobbink, the SEO Expert of freelancing:
For me, the quick enhancement of the value of Google AMP was the most exciting development during 2016.It gives the impression that Google is willing to accelerate the web as well as user experience. However, the development of the mobile friendly and responsive websites is not as quick as it is expected. Google has pushed AMP very quickly, and the reason behind this is clear to a certain extent. Baidu has recently launched MIP, and it is undoubtedly a significant step to optimize loading speeds keeping aside the effect it has on the traffic of the websites is long terms.
Jacob Hagberg, CEO of the Orange Fox:
Launch a new website design without maintaining SEO link equity; it is the quickest method of abolishing a business that is not only famous but also multi-million dollar. Even the strongest brands can be in a challenging and problematic financial point by even a 30% reduction in the website traffic that causes a major downfall in the revenue of the organization.
Krzysztof Marzec, CEO of the DevaGroup:
Conveying key ideas on improvement with the help of the reports and the data available is a much better approach than sending reports itself. You can get results along with more professional and loyal client by explaining the process of analysis of the report to the client and working on enhancements and perfection with the customer.
Dixon Jones, Marketing Director of the Majestic organization:
I was somewhat worried about the announcement from Google that they are moving regarding the search results to “smartphone only” from “smartphone First”. Majestic was a product designed particularly for desktop use, and it has only 5% of its smartphone users. Then through Gary Isles, I came to know that a mobile friendly website could easily perform. Nothing much has changed if only a single URL is for the version of cell phone and desktop.
Matt Roberts, Co-Founder as well as CSO of Linkdex:
2016 can be regarded as an addition in the unique and fascinating years in the field of SEO. The four distinct changes for me have been listed here.
• Google takes the step to reduce the access to industry and data of Ad Planner.
• Panda became smart.
• Google has grown into an index of smartphone first and endured to drive AMP.
• In addition, the combination of SEO with the carriers of Content Marketing is enhancing remarkably.
• It first took place in several agencies followed by house teams and in the end the tech space took this advancement.
Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder and President at the Raven Tools:
It has never been important that how you code and conduct optimization of your webpage in the past years as it is now. Google is making an effort to reshape the internet again and is using its original and traditional method to make this happen. The front line has been given to SEO, and SEO sites became a part of experiments that has been enforced by Google.
Razvan Girmacea, Founder and CEO at Monitor Backlinks:
It can be considered that SEOs has spent much time in examining and exploring every little detail of the Algorithms by Google and techniques for SEO. Instead of this, they have to focus on producing the required changes on their client’s websites. According to Pareto’s rule of 80/20, that is also applicable in SEO; SEOs have to give their effort and time on the things that result in improving their client’s website.
Laurence O’Toole, CEO at Authority:
2016 is regarded as the beginning of the movement towards the web related to the real-time, and it is my biggest takeaway this year. The developments that have been taken place throughout this year are pointing towards the shift. In May, at the conference of Google’s developer that was held, the Beta of their indexing API for publishers that were trusted was announced. Google introduces the live coverage carousel during the elections, providing the results through news and election in August. In September, Penguin was brought for us in real-time! Then during October, Google launched for us the information that was real-time that was about the black Friday and the tough schedule of the stores.
Razvan Gavrilas, Chief Architect and Founder of cognitiveSEO:
Making it simple: SEO can be defined as A.R.T. this stands for the Authority, Relevancy and Trust.
• Authority can neither be bought nor be sold. Authority is defined as the standard of your website and its influence. The vote of confidence that a site can have is to be at the highest level in the SERPs gained from both sides.
• Relevancy is the must component of SEO. A page content must be relevant to the query of keywords of the individuals visiting the site. Using proper and correct keywords and connecting to real marketplace is the secret behind relevancy.
• Trust is similar to glass that is hard to create and protect but very easy to shatter. The search engines have to make sure that individuals trust the online sources and they have to retain it. From viewpoint of a search engine, domain age is the way of building trust, the traffic and the a site does are its popularity and the regular updates.
For a website to maintain its rankings, it is necessary to add fresh content, reinvents itself and takes measure to prevent high bounce rates. Given the development by Google and another search engine in the previous year, It would have been a dare to utter that Artificial Intelligence can be up graded to give a better performance and SEO A.R.T can be improved.
Mitul Gandhi, Chief Architect and Co-Founder of seoClarity:
Link building can be regarded as a major part in ranking of your site. Listening to our client’s real world experience and spending a year to research the improvements in the landscape of search, we came to know that the contextual as well as quality significance would always be an essential sign in your site’s consultant. The seoClarity and Majestic partnership allow the platform we have created to serve as the newest and largest data regarding backlink for our customers. Our customers derive a unique value from the amalgamation of Majestic’s regular updates of data related to backlink that has been coordinated with learning recommendations of machines, daily data as well as insights given by seoClarity.

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