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PPC Reporting Is Very Crucial, Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Everyone wants their marketing career to be successful and for this reason, they make sure that they give their best and at the same time fulfill all the required tasks with perfection. In order to be the top marketer, we know that it is essential to be the best communicator as well as have the skills of sharing the reports that are insightful.

Delivering many reports since the beginning , I have come across a few common mistakes that I am about to share with you. If you are protecting your reports from these errors, I am sure that you will be the owner of the next promotion. 

So here, we have the most common mistakes that you might have been making. However, you are not going to be a poor account manager anymore because we have the solution for all of them.

1. Do not undervalue the PPC by sending reports early

You must remember one thing that the accuracy of your reports is a proof to your customers that you are working dedicatedly. On the off chance when you get extra excited and send the reports early, it means that you have hit your foot with your own axe.

This is the fact that the conversion of the services will always take place once you have clicked and the rules of Physic including the space-time continuum are the controller of this fact. So, it will lead to the conclusion that the clicks will appear in front of you before the conversions take place in the case of reporting. So, the metrics like the KPI that has been utilizing the ROAS and the CPA will not appear very professional but with a passage of a few second will get the way client expected.

The AdWords will be here to report the two events at the similar duration in the case when you have clicked and the conversion is taking minutes to take place. However, in case the conversions are taking longer than you have expected that it will be the clear indication that you have not created the report professionally.

This is the common problem with the clients who want to have the weekly reports. The simple question that such clients will ask you is that why there are not many conversions. So give them the response that some of the conversion takes more than a week to happen.

The problem, in this case, is that when you consider the data very quickly we miss many of the conversion that we are aware will take more days to happen. With the help of the standard reports by the AdWords, there is the option of Time Lag that will be your best source to identify this mistake.

Reporting early means the downfall of your marketing career and there are many technical issues behind it. You have to understand the fact that data from the AdWords and a similar system is controlled in a different manner. When you consider the click data and the cost data, you will notice that they have appeared quickly and in a real time. On the other hand, when you take the example of the conversions and the sales data you will notice that it will take a few days to show up and even more if you are transferring it from Google Analytics and other systems.

It will take almost the duration of 9 hours to transfer the conversion data from the Google analytics into the AdWords. Therefore, it will lead to a delay of 72 hours. So, in case you have to report the outcomes of the previous month on the first of the new month, it will mean that there will be three days of conversion data missing from the reports. That will lead to a 10% of the data loss.

So here, I will conclude by saying that always place quality over quantity. As the complete report even when delayed will get you, more positive points than a report that is quick but incomplete. So the best solution is, that you should never provide the report of the data from the previous month until the 4th to 5th of the coming month to be accurate.

2. The visuals are the biggest proof

When you are a professional account manager, you do not have to tell the stakeholders because they will know by the following:

  1. The report you have presented will explain the reasons for everything being great
  2. In case there has been a downfall in the campaign your report will explain the cause as well as the solution to fix it

Both these stories will be perfect to enhance your esteem and make you work more dedicatedly. However, it is a common error to add the wrong visuals in the report that leads to the breaking of the trust and the confidence that your customers have in you.

We all know that a chart or graph will have more impact than a table, however, if the visuals are not properly placed than an issue or point might be made that you did not want in the first place. in such outcomes, if you have the luck on your side, it will be easier to explain the mistake that you have made. On the other hand, keep in mind that you might lose the trust and if the matter is worse than the job might be at stake as well.

You have to keep in mind that the same data will lead to two entirely different points only with a slight difference in their presentation. Therefore, this will lead to a different reaction from the person on the basis of how he reads and understands the reports. This is the reason that you have to make sure that the visuals you place are correct and showing the points that you want.

You have to keep in mind that creating such reports is not a piece of cake. In most of the cases, the reports that are understood by the customers in a matter of seconds often takes longer duration and a lot of hard work to create them. Therefore, instead of wasting your time on correcting the errors that you have done on the visuals and the reports, it would be better to create it correctly in the first attempt.

3. The report that is not properly segmented is of no use

You have to understand the difference that lies between providing extra details or not enough details. However, as the account manager, we have to understand the facts that will be beneficial for our customers and according to that you should divide the information into segments.

Keep in mind that the proper segmentation will give a new look to the story that you are trying to tell. We are aware of the fact that CTR plays a different role when it is on display and when on search. So your report will have to mean until you provide the information regarding both the segments. So, this will help you to understand, how CTR has been performing on search and this you can properly explain in your report.

Some of the segments that must be present in the report are:

  • Devices
  • Brand and non-brand
  • Hour during week
  • Networks
  • Audience

4. It is a disaster to have extra data when you are new to PPC

If often happens that when a person is not trained in a particular field, he is unable to extract the required information and thus poor decisions are taken. It can lead to two outcomes:

  • Poor information
  • Extra information that story is hard to conclude

The people who are expert in PPC have the advantage of beginning with the data that is at the lowest level. Thus, they can easily find the required information that a non-expert will never see. This will help them in the formulation of an insightful report.

The internet is filled with numerous examples of the reports that seem like a dustbin of data. In such reports, you will come across even the data of minor entities and followed by many tables. This is the reason, PPC experts are hired by the organization so that they can make the brief reports that are easy to understand. Such reports display the marketing influence of the organization.

In case if you are making the report for the internal usage of the company then adding some extra details will not be harmful because the company might need this information to generate other results. It can be a time saver for your PPC team but you have to be extra careful when you are dealing with the clients.

5. Never hold it personally when they ignore your report

We all know that the airbags will never be noticed unless an accident takes place. Same is the case with PPC reports. They will only be acknowledged in an emergency. Every month thousands of reports are sent to the clients. You will be amazed to know that out of all the report that are sent through the email only 1% of them are viewed by the customers. All the clients want is that the report exists, it does not matter if they will look at it or not. You have to make sure that you are giving your best despite the ignorance.

You might be angry that when the client is not looking at them they might not be useful. However, in reality, this is not the case. You can take the example that when a new widget is introduced on the website all the customers get super excited, however when such clients are sent the invites. Most of them will not even bother to look.

So, keep in mind that when the customer is not paying attention to the report that you have sent, it means that they are busy and not that the information that you have given is not proper or irrelevant. So, do not feel bad when your reports are being ignored because you are not the only one suffering.

6. The duration of the account management will suffer, so do not invest extra time in creating the report

Do not get excited by knowing that most of the times your report will not be opened because you never know. Thus, you have to make sure that the report you deliver has all the required information and answers to the questions that the client is looking for. So, you have to remember that when there is an emergency, the report you have provided should have the utmost importance and so, perfection is the main goal. Do not lose it.

The moment that you start to work with a client, you have to keep in mind that, with the passage of time you will understand what they are looking for in the report exactly.

So, No 1, you have got the key elements do not waste your time on the reports. As you can do many other important tasks in that given duration.

4 Methods for the automation of reports

There will come a time when you are hired as the reporting expert but to do not make it your only goal. As you can use your time in the optimization and automation of the created reports.

So here are a few amazing methods that will help you in the report automation:

AdWords report

  • With the pivot charts and tables have the AdWords reports secluded for the visual regeneration regularly
  • It is free
  • It cannot be utilized for the creation of reports with many visuals
  • It is only compatible with the data of AW

GA Dashboards

  • In case you consider the features of the cost import you can easily transfer the data present on the other systems
  • You can add as many visuals as you like on the page
  • It is free
  • The amount of visuals that can be added has been limited

Google Data Studio

  • It is compatible and allows the connection of the data from all the Google services and even the Google cloud.
  • It allows the users to alter the dates because of its capability to create the interactive dashboards
  • The owners of the small business can only utilize the free version.
  • The larger organizations and enterprises will have to pay the expensive price in order to utilize the tools and the services

Third Part Reporting tool

  • It can be connected to all the channels that you prefer
  • It does not matter that Google has owned it or not
  • It has a wide variety of seller with the unique capabilities and features
  • The user interface has numerous options for the users to select from
  • You can connect your data in several ways that are available
  • It is costly

Bonus tips

Here we have some simple and exciting bonus tips for you that will help you in the creation of some of the best reports:

  1. You must be aware of the duration that conversions take so that it will be wise to adjust the delivery and creation of your reports accordingly.
  2. In order to wrap up the collection of the data, it will be a wise choice to deliver the reports before the month ends rather than sending it on the first of every coming month.
  3. The segments that are included in your reports should be actionable
  4. The reports that you have created for the clients should be at the level of executive summary. On the other hand, make sure that you provide the PPC team with all the granular details.
  5. The customers may never look at the reports that you have created but make sure to keep them in a safe location because you never know.
  6. When you are about to work with a new customer make sure that you ask for the information that he would like to have included in the report
  7. Keep in mind that fun part of this job is optimization of the account so conduct the automation of reports faster

So, we hope that you will now make the best possible reports. Do not forget to stay away from these errors.  

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