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How to Make Money From Instagram: Best Tips and Tactics !

Photo sharing is fun; what’s more fun is making money out of it! Do you want to make money on Instagram too? Yes? Let’s get started then!

It’s been almost 7 years, this photo sharing platform has been introduced to the social world. It has taken shape bit by bit, dragging more and more users day by day. Where does Instagram stand among other hit social media giants? Check out the numbers below, which are extracted in the month of January 2017.

Taking over other popular social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram reportedly has a score of 400 million active users daily and an eye catchy number of 600 million users monthly.

Evidently, this proves the added user attraction towards visual content. The graph below proves that there is growing interest in visual content and hence Instagram.

As you can notice, there is only a gradual increase by the end of 2016 and undeniably, it is only going to go up.

Reasons are obvious, share photos anytime, find photos easily, expand the network and do a lot more!

The Opportunity ! 

You must have come across blogs and articles written on making money via Instagram.

They must be talking about making followers, posting ads and releasing products. What we are going to discuss today will be more or less on the similar lines.

Some of the techniques we are going to unleash will stress on making a small amount of 200, while the other ones targeted at making 10,000 and above, a month.

It is simple really, earning potential here depends on how much time one is willing to invest.

We are discussing individual techniques on making large and small chunks, step by step.

Sell the Photographs

You must have come across stock photography, if you haven’t noticed, it is a big marketplace to make cool money.

Foap is one such website where it stocks and sells photographs to bloggers, brands and whoever is in need of them.

This is not about professional photographers and high investing brands. It is a great substitute of stock photography where your Instagram pictures can make money!

   * Sign up

   * Create a profile

   * Make a portfolio by stocking your images which you are willing to sell

   * You can make 5 on each image; you can sell the same image again and that’s           how what you going make multiplies.

You can create a profile on Foap in few steps as follows:

Go to Foap homepage, click Sign Up

On registration pop up, opt for Photographer, which would mean you are interested in selling photographs. You can use your Facebook or just give your email id to complete registration.

Also, download the app on your phone by using Apple store or Google play

Once you click install, you have it!

That’s it! Your profile is successfully created, you can stock and sell photographs now.

Great portfolio implies good money on Foap. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, but it takes some skill set to reach that expectation.

If you pay attention to quality, with an added creativity and eye for detail, you are in to make good money.

You also want to keep tabs on the feature Mission

This is also space where the biggest brands in the world throw an opportunity for you to sell your work.

This is how the Mission looks like:

Since it is an opportunity to make big money, you are obviously up against a great deal of competition.

Using Mission, you can make about 100 to 500 accordingly.

Here is a thing you might find encouraging, Foap doesn’t demand a great following on Instagram. As long as your photographs appeal to someone, you are fine!

Doesn’t it sound good, making money though you have a minimal following! All it takes is having a bang on portfolio to make good money.

This is a simple technique, easy and smooth to make bucks based on your interest and skill set. Apparently, there are people who make thousands yearly by selling their work on Foap.

Sponsored Posts

Unlike selling photographs on Foap with a limited following, sponsored posts work differently.

We will make it clear to you initially, few hundreds of followers will not suffice this strategy. You need to have a remarkable number of followers, let’s say a 5000 to begin with.

This is how it goes:

       1. Create a photo or video post for your sponsor

       2. Add brand hashtags and promotion links

       3. Share on your Instagram account

       4. Get paid, we are talking decent money

Like we already stated, this works only if you have a considerable following. Of course, it doesn’t mean you need millions, you can start out with 5000 followers.

This number is not impossible, it doesn’t necessarily need a celebrity status. There are ordinary folks with good following on Instagram. It takes good content, constant posting and of course patience.

Once you have successfully reached that target, you will need to find opportunities. By which we mean the brands that are willing to promote their product on Instagram.

Finding Opportunities for Sponsored Ads

There are influencers, there are brands, and there is a common floor where these two worlds meet. And, it is the website named Influenz.

Influenz is a platform, more like a mediator that brings brands that need promotion and influencers together.

Here is how it works:

   * Brands select the list of influencers for their promotional activities

   * Let’s say you are on the list of few brands, you can select the brands or the               products that you want to promote

   * Once you agree to do so, you will have 48 hours of time to generate a photo or         video about their service or product as per the campaign details

   * Once the post created by you is validated, you share it with your followers and           make money

Below Are Examples of Successful Campaigns

Nabilla Benattia promoting Teatox on her Instagram account

Nabilla Benattia promoting Teatox on her Instagram account

GoPro is known for great promotion! In the screenshot below you can see Monique Trips promoting the GoPro camera

promoting the GoPro camera

Here is how you can create an account on Influez:

Go to Influenz homepage and click I am an influencer

You need to verify by entering Instagram username

You need to have two things to successfully come out of this process: 5000 followers and a valid PayPal address.

Post verification, you can go through the brands and look for promotional activities.

However, be conscious about what you promote. You need to have a fair understanding of the product, something you are comfortable with and have a personal liking.

It is important because, if you promote just anything for a quick pay, it may affect your credibility.

We advise you to choose carefully as it would help you stay tuned for a long time.

Instagram Shoutouts

Shoutouts on Instagram is an affiliated marketing activity whereas an influencer, you will promote a product or service on your page.

This is a tactic which helps websites and small scale businesses to get more followers and sales.

This is more like publishing or sharing screenshot of someones’ profile page to show support and divert traffic to their pages. Shoutouts act as a catalyst which speeds up the process of marketing.

Clickbank, OfferVault, ShareASale are some of the affiliated networks to mention.

Go to one of these websites, select the products or services you would like to promote on your Instagram page.

You will have the necessary details about the product and how it is doing and so on, which will help you determine what you want to go with.

You can also use Shoutouts to promote your own product sales and boost your following.

How to Buy Shoutouts?

Go to

Here is where you will find the influencers that are willing to promote you. These are the people with massive following and that’s exactly what you need.

Simple steps to follow:

Go through Shoutcart carefully to understand the relevant influencers that would fit to promote your product.


You might also want to look for the people and sort them according to your budget. If you are lucky, you can get away with few dollars, at times it might cost you hundreds.

Use tools to filter your search:

You can also search by number of influencers, quality score etc

Like you don’t want to promote just anything on your page, you will not either want a random one to promote you either.

Consider the following factors in order to find your influencers

   * How many followers do they have?

   * How does their account look like in terms of posts and likes

   * What is the account about, read the description and bio to get an idea.

Below is the article from IFTI SEO which talks about the statistics to look for:

To be straight, a minimum of 50,000 followers is the minimum cut.

You need to invest in right influencer to get the job done.

Add the influencer to your cart, once you finalize

You will witness a pleasing increase in your sales.

You can experiment by doing deals with different influencers and take it forward accordingly

Plug Hype or Buy Sell are some other sites where you can find Shoutouts

Buying Shoutouts vs Pay Per Click

It is true that buying a shoutout will cost high compared to pay per click model. But here is the thing, if you approach an influencer with some millions of fan following, you can expect a great outcome. You would be surprised with the kind of rapid results you will receive.

Pay per click is a fine investment, you will get clicks and you pay for it. But they are click, click and click. With shoutouts, it’s like “MASSIVE CLICKS” and fast!

Precisely, yes, it’s worth investing in for the kind of results it will fetch.

Make Money Through Your Online Store

This is the most time consuming of all the tactics, however, the most paid at the same time.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sell your products online using eCommerce ventures like Etsy, Zazzle or Shopify and so on

  2. Construct an Instagram account to promote your products

  3. Sell and earn

For example, Zazzle is an online store where you can design and sell your own clothing line, accessories, decor, promotional products and such. No investment required and if you own any of these product making talents, why not!

Make use of social media as a platform to promote and sell your products. There are examples of people making five figures using this technique.

For Example

This is not a product, but a pug named Doug. Why this example? Wait for it!

The page is all about this dog’s lifestyle and adventures.

He has 2.6 million followers as of May 2017. There is a book with the title Doug the Pug: King of Pop Culture.

Doug’s coloring book is out now, which you can checkout on Amazon here

And, if it’s not enough, he also has an online store where you can get cloths, accessories, plush dolls, books and more, all inspired by his lifestyle.

Do you know where is all this coming from? It is literally coming from the Instagram page that’s created and carrying 2.6 million followers.

This is one good example that demonstrates how one can create an Instagram page and build a brand from the scratch. With online store containing the adorable pug the Doug’s customised products and books, we bet there is a considerable income flowing in.

If you have seen the pictures of Doug on Instagram, you know how attractive, jolly and interesting the page looks. This is the sort of creativity you need to nail it.

Surely this is a strategic, time consuming task, but it has it’s perks, large perks that is!


These are the money making opportunities one can use to see success on Instagram. It surely is a land of opportunities to make money. From promoting and selling your own product till selling photos or posting sponsor ads and more, it is a right resource.

Hope you enjoyed learning these tips and tactics on how to make money via Instagram. Let’s know how you do it by sharing your comments and thoughts below.


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