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Want 843 New Email Subscribers Every Week? Here Are The Best Tips !

Are you frustrated after trying everything you are familiar with to get more email subscriptions? Are the marketing tactics you practice not working for you? If you are struggling to get more email subscriptions, then this blog is for you.

A great list works wonders, without any doubt. But you also need to make sure your branding sets a mark and your product is likeable. This contributes majorly to make a giant email subscription list.

What are the techniques you follow? Let us take a guess, “Call To Action:, Signup forms, or a lead magnet, and how is it working for you?

Time to get innovative, if these methods are not working, you need some new tips and tricks to pull this off. You know what they say “no pain, no gain”. We will admit, it’s a bit of work, but the results will lead to a happy ending.

Eight hundred and something email subscriptions a week may sound impossible. But it is actually an achievable number.

Follow The Below Steps:

Current Strategy: Evaluation

The process here is standard, but how one does it is the game changer. Perhaps you already have a catchy email subscription structure. But you might be doing it all wrong.

You need to check for below aspects:

     * Did you provide a reason for your visitors to signup?

     * Is the signup process smooth?

     * Is the signup process attention grabbing?

     * Is your lead magnet optimised to target leads?

Let’s go over these questions in detail in order to find out any kind of drawbacks and also find out how to overcome them.

1. Providing Good Reason In Order to Encourage Your Visitors To Signup

It is simple to understand if the purpose is not good enough, it doesn’t interest the visitors to subscribe.

Check out Copy-blogger signup page below, this is a good example.

Copy Blogger Turtorial

Why Copy-blogger makes a good example? As you can see in the above screenshot, their message is clear. Visitors knows what are the benefits of the subscription.

They also offer free eBooks, training courses which reflect right near signup form. That is one good technique in enhancing the conversion rate.

2. Is Your Signup Process a Smooth Journey, Does it look Attractive in the         First Place?

You need to answer these questions before releasing the form. Try to keep the process as simple as possible while designing and make sure you use suitable colours and fonts. Once the layout is ready, sit and go through it, it’s always good to have samples. You can do something like A/B test as well. Or just show it to a bunch of friends or family members. It’s cool to take an opinion from experts as well as laymen in order to gain fair understanding.

Always remember, if the form is complicated, the visitors will lose interest instantly. Design equally plays a part along with the choice of content.

Take a look at this simple yet sober example of Darren Rowse signup form for digital photography course enrolment:

3. Catchy Lead Magnet

Unless you have introduced wow factor into your info-graphics, you can forget it. Your lead magnet should be magnetic, you know what we mean, it should live up to its name!

Something like this:

Actionable content, sharp headlines, neatly used pattern of colours make the whole thing attractive, simple yet easy to comprehend. This is the kind of thing which would result in a higher conversion.

If any or all of these elements are missing in your email subscription structure, this could mean there is a problem.

You can follow the steps below in order to get an idea on how to analyse, as well overcome the issues.

   * Spend more time on studying and analysing your previous models, compare the         good ones with the ones that didn’t do so well.

   * Check other competitor sites which are successfully doing the same.

   * Read more on the subject, there are great number of articles published on this          subject

   * Review and create a dashboard of the most relevant designs which you can draw       your inspiration from

This should help you makeover the email subscription structure that you are currently using. Establishing a deep sense of understanding is the key. If this still doesn’t work, below are few more tips that you can use to achieve a better structure.

Make It A One Step Process !

Earlier we discussed on keeping it short, it didn’t work? Not an issue, try this technique.

This time keep it as a one step process. Usually, even the short forms have 5 to 6 fill in options such as email id, contact number, first name, last name, enter and reenter the password.

All you need is their email id to send the content. Just ask for the email id and end the story. Keep it cool and look cool, they will have to like it this time.

Here is one such example: Smart Blogger

A "cheat sheet" for writing blog post that go viral

It takes few seconds to type email address, at times the email id is automatically reflected as soon as the user types in the first letter of email id. Simple and short, much easy for them to subscribe. This way you will not loose on the traffic that is slipping through due to lengthy form filling.

Lengthy forms are not all that bad as a matter of fact. For instance, check out the Kiss-metrics signup form. It is asking for few details for a good reason.

They want to encourage people who are really interested in it. Gathering all that information also helps draw demographics.

At the end, it boils down to your requirement and you need to consider your goals while creating the form.

Create Opt In Forms For Your Pages

Many bloggers successfully create forms with good intent and a great call to action. But they fail to get desired traffic, this is because the form is available only on the homepage. The conclusion is, you need to have the form available on your pages.

Here is how it is done:

The Crazy Egg

This is a pop up on Crazy Egg which shows up on every page.

It is important to have the opt ins in users’ visibility.

   * You can put it on right, left sidebars,

   * Above the fold or below the blog

   * In your website header or footer

   * On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

   * Keep exploring for more options, use them

Play smart, it’s not all about inserting the form, see if it fits in.

How To Add More Opt In Forms?

It would be annoying for you to receive a typical email with lots of overwhelming opt in boxes, isn’t that right? No one likes it! Choose quality over quantity! However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have more than one opt ins. What matters is how you use them.

For example, take a look at Kiss-metrics post below:

If you notice, the opt in is at the end of the post. Does it help? Yes! The reader goes through the content, if he likes what’s on it, he will click on it.

You can add a form to your Facebook page. Use OptinMonster to do it.

You Can Also Use Mail Chimp if You Are Familiar or Comfortable with it:

Experiment With Your Opt In Positioning

Weather you are new or old to this technique, testing is important.

It is also important to note that just like keywords which can’t be stuffed randomly into content, you can’t squeeze in your otp ins anywhere and everywhere on your pages.

You can use Google Analytics Goals or heat-map or any other tools that are handy to analyse. Remember, right quality and right quantity!

That’s not all, you also need to keep an eye out for the performance of these opt ins. Destroy the bad one and keep optimising the ones that perform.

Email Course

You can create an email course, just a short, 1 week long or less. This will attract new subscribers, you can send the course out using email auto-response.

It is not too much work, yet gets you considerable results. You can use Mail Chimp or Aweber to set this.

If you provide the information that the users are looking for, they would be interested and will subscribe for more. Structure your courses according to their interest and they will be interested in checking out more.

Internet Marketing for Smart People course by Copyblogger is a great example:

In exchange for email, getting a portion of the course for free, the deal is pretty handsome.

Just make sure your courses are reader worthy and if you successfully impress them in that short period, you are looking at a long term engagement with your readers.

Consider All Social Media Platforms

You must have social media presence to have a real presence on the internet. Facebook and Twitter are good, what about the rest though? If you are not aware how wonderful Snapchat and Instagram are, you surely missed out on something helpful. Better late than never, you should start considering these two growing social media platforms.

Pinterest is one other social media heat generator, you must have your presence there. If you don’t, you are missing out on a good number of subscribers.

Check out HubSpot’s Pinterest page below:

If the users get attracted to what’s displayed on your Pinterest page, it will lead them to your website.

If you feel like getting more innovative, try Periscope:

For example, cast a video event which will lead the visitors to your website. You can give them an interesting deal or an offer in return for their email.

Keep looking for more ways, it is not necessary to look for popular social media platforms alone. See if you can get subscribers from other places and small communities.

In Conclusion:

Make sure you have a healthy list, by which it means having a list of people who are seriously interested in your content.

Sometimes the road can get rough but don’t worry, you will be able to pick up. Just focus on giving the best content people are interested in, follow the above methods and this should expand your email subscribers.

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