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Do You Know Close Variants Drive Massive Traffic? Here is How !

Many say Google Adwords is not worthy of an investment. Well, in our opinion, it is not true. It may look a bit complicated to freshers, however, it has a great deal to offer.

To make the best use of Adwords, you need to be thorough with it and understand the loopholes. Today, we are going to break the best hacks of Adwords. These tips will be useful to understand the tool better and help you get good results.

Here is how Adwords work:

   * Create your ad

   * Obtain clicks

   * Generate revenue

That’s a precise way of putting it, however, when it comes to execution, you will realize it’s not a piece of cake. This is where we bring to you some simple techniques which will help break down the complex.

We have got one word for you which will alter the game of ad creation. “Close Variants!

Using close variants will grab more attention while they play a role in higher conversion too.

Defining Close Variants

There are various types of keyword matches Google Adwords will provide you when you search for a specific keyword.

You must have seen this while setting up the ads:

Google Adwords Tutorial Snap

The keyword selection determines how your ad is viewed by the users during their search.

Following are the types of keywords:

  • Exact Match

  • Broad Match

  • Phrase Match

  • Negative Match

Exact Match:

For instance, if the keyword you are searching for is men’s shoes, the exact match for the keyword is men’s shoes. This means the browser will have to search the exact same term in order to find your ad.

Phrase Match:

Inserting exact keyword in a phrase is typically called a phrase match. For instance: “men’s shoes online”, “buy men’s shoes online”

If the search query entered by the browser includes exact keyword, your ad will pop up. A phrase match multiplies keywords and boosts the view/click rate. We would recommend you to use phrase match keywords to reap its benefits.

The example below shows exact search keyword result for “men’s shoes:

However, this example below is a close match. If you notice, there is no apostrophe in mens.

But you can notice the exact match keyword (men’s shoes) in the meta description.

Broad Match:

Let’s take the same product “shoes”, this time as the name suggests, the search relation becomes broader. For instance: boy’s shoes

Negative Match:

There would be cases where certain searches might have similar keywords, however, what the user meant to search is a different product. You can identify those and tell Google not to project your ad for those similar yet irrelevant searches.

Check out the example below as stated by Google:


All these search types can be grouped under close variants.

To simplify, these are not exactly keywords, they are the possible terms that are close to the specific keyword, with slight variations.

For instance, if the search keyword is ‘kid’s bike,’ your ad should still reflect if someone types ‘kids bike’ or ‘kid bikes’

Who takes care of punctuation and grammar while typing search query, right? You must have been doing the same thing while using the search engine.

For instance, let’s say your search term is “skinny jeans”. Once you Google it, this Hollister ad may pop up


If you notice the ad carefully, you would realize the keyword is not present anywhere.

This could mean only one thing, the ad is backed up by close variants. That’s the thing about them, even though the exact keyword is not existing, the ad still displays. You get the idea how powerful close variants are? Using them will allow more people to witness the ad compared to exact keywords.

If you don’t insert close variants, you are restricting your users to confine their search to limited or specific keywords.

Close variants are used by most marketers because they understand their efficiency in exposing ads to a broader range of searches.

A well-structured campaign is sure to get you good results. With the right usage of close variant, you can take the results from good to great.

Close variants can be classified majorly into two types.

1. Grammatical Variations: It is not fair for you to think or assume that your users will be grammar conscious while typing a query.     Or, there may be singular and plural noun variations.

For instance, let’s consider the keyword “office chair,” which is a singular noun:

Even though the search has a singular noun, this ad with plural noun “office chairs” still showed up.

These are the obvious type of close variants that occur repeatedly. Be it the intention of the user or a typographical error, the results should show your ad.

Another type of grammatical variation could be a verb. For instance, the search query is “fixing iPhone”, the following ad comes up:

This is another appropriate example of close variants. The verb form in the meta description of the ad is “fix”, and not “fixing”. It doesn’t have the exact keyword, yet it reflects on search engine result pages.

2. Misspellings: Typos for short, typographical errors to be exact, are the type of errors that happens often while using a search engine.

We all come across these situations, be it a misspelling occurred due to typing speed or the usage of internet slang, short forms and so on. For instance, you are searching for “microsoft surface” and accidentally misspelled it as “mircosoft surface”, the ad still shows up:

This example states that like grammatical variants, this misspelling variant can also be helpful in exposing your ad to more people, even the ones who misspell.

This variant especially comes handy if a product name or a brand is hard to spell or remember. It can lead more traffic to your site and even help get a higher rate of conversion.

How to Determine Close Variants?

Since 2014, Google automated broad search terms, misspellings and synonyms etc. This means, one doesn’t have to manually do anything, this will add up during the creation of the ad campaign.

However, you can still go ahead and look for more close variants that you think might fit into your campaign. You can identify these close variants on Google Adwords via keyword research.

Go to Google Adwords and click on Keyword Planner under tools

Now click on Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

google keyword planner

Input the details in the boxes accordingly and click Get ideas

Google Keyword Planner Tutorial

It will give you a page as follows:

Find Keyword (by relevance) option

Google Keyword planner search result example

This list of close variants are the possibilities which you can choose from.

Here is where you need to get smart with choosing the variants. Obviously, you can’t use all of them and there is no need either. Just pick up the ones that will gel well with your campaign theme.

This page also reveals a number of searches per keyword along with the level of competition.

Average search volume and competition of Keywords : google keyword planner

Note that the keywords with high competition are definitely a great set to work with. However, as you can realize, the competition is extremely high which would mean it might be difficult to stand out.

Once you search for an exact keyword on Adwords, it will throw hundreds of suggestions. You only need a few best, go through few pages to pick the ones you like.

Tools like SEMrush also comes handy in performing a task like this. You can check it out as well

Go to

Semrush banner

Type search term and click Start Now

Semrush keyword search

This is how the results page looks like:

SEMRUSH Keyword search overview

Let’s use the close variant mens shirts, for this search

You get the results page:

organic search result of the keyword "Mens Shirt" on semrush

There are few tabs which give different results. Start by clicking on the tab Phrase Match

CPC distribution

Scroll down to check out the popular phrase match keywords:

Phrase match keyword on semrush

You can use these phrase match keywords to create long tail keywords.

The important tab is Related Keywords

CPC distribution

Scroll down to see all the related keywords

Phrase match keyword on semrush

These are a good set of close variants which you can consider

Word of Caution

These misspelled or topographical errors can’t be used in the ads directly. Obviously, you don’t want to use “mens shirts” in your ad copy. You can always do it on the back-end by letting Google recognize that variant.

Make a list of all the close variants for your main keywords and put it to use on Adwords while creating a campaign.

Yet again, use your understanding here. If your main keyword is simple and doesn’t have many close variants, you might rather want to focus on phrase matches.

Here is how You Can Use Close Variants

Once you have selected the best close variants, no more than 3 to 4, you can start creating your campaign on Adwords.

Assume your main keyword is men’s shirts, this will become your campaign keyword:

Copy, paste or write your ad here:

Save the ad and go to the dashboard in order to select your ad campaign:

Now head over to the Keywords tab

Select and modify keywords

Click Edit, under which, select Change match types

Select the radio button of the exact match or phrase match for added keyword flexibility.

Click Make Changes

You can also create few ads which would cover a varied range of close variants.

For example:

Let’s say “men’s shirts” is your main keyword, you will have to create one ad post using this keyword.

Now use a close variant to create another ad post, for instance, “mens shirts”

This is a manual way of inserting close variants. However, as mentioned earlier, Google picks up the close variants by itself. By manually adding variants, we are boosting the advantages. You can create as many ads you want, but 3 to 4 is a decent number. This will save the investment of budget and time.

Brief on the Close Variant Advantages

   *  There is an average of 7% increase in traffic with the help of close variants as            posted by Search Engine Watch. Also, the click through rate and ad impressions          evidently go up.

   *  You will gain better control over your ads. You can control the type of variations         in terms of grammar, misspelling and phrase keywords.

   *  With constant check on the metrics and reviews, you can understand and draw       inspiration to come up with more relevant campaigns. Your strategies will improve        and with experience, you can take complete advantage of close variants.


If you are new to Adwords, we highly recommend studying it and deeply understand every aspect and learn how to use it to your benefit. Sticking to our opening statement, despite the negative fame Adwords carry, we think it’s a brilliant platform that brings great information which could be useful in generating great deal of traffic.

More you understand the importance of close variants and their role in ad campaigns, the better the results. You will be able to extract higher traffic and also get a considerably high conversion rate.

Insertion of the best keywords and close variants doesn’t complete the structure though. Your ads must be engaging, which means creative and connective. This approach is even appropriate for the regular keyword search. You can use close variants in your SEO strategy and this can help your ranking.


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