Hand Picked 101 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Crowd  


Hand Picked 101 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Crowd

Increasing Social Media Traffic would need great, readable and exciting CONTENT.

Using social media to increase website traffic requires subtle promotion techniques, helping those seeking what they want plus extraordinary and original content.

1) Customers look to solving a problem hence five them solutions which would build trust and they would remember you. Show them that solving their problems is what you do best.

2) Social Media campaigns need constant updating and upgrading of content. People who have the question how do you increase traffic to your website can focus more on this technique. Keep the tempo and be always active.

3) The content should be original and exciting which would bring the audience to your website.

4) The published content should be distinctly relevant to your website and meaningful and easily understandable.

5) Something comical would definitely bring great results.

6) Be creative and bring the funny page as a regular feature on your website, get them come to you to see it.

7) The content should be accepted by your readers, you should place yourself in their shoes and see what they would think of it.

8) Content should create empathy, shock or some feelings within the reader, hence pick the right title with the first few words of the first sentence that would do that.

9) Share your thoughts with your readers, don’t hold anything back and expect returns. Your returns come when the traffic increases.

10) Speaking aloud and putting pen to paper by writing an eBook and sharing it with others would offer you that extra edge.

11) Distributing the eBook and with it, your thoughts at nothing or minimal cost and bringing them to your other social sites would help immensely.

12) Give out handouts at no cost, or may be a free trial on software that would be readily accepted, because this would make them return to see future offers by you and help increase the traffic to your website.

13) Your content should be exciting to your readers and they should read it proactively and it should not be content that you think that they would read.

14) If you wonder how to get traffic to your website from Facebook, you should be controversial and deviate from set norms. Readers like controversy, which brings out their curiosity.

15) Without doubt something that would go viral with excite all and sundry.

16) Pick and select the right keywords in your content, which would bring your website to the fore when the right keys are pressed.

17) Constantly monitor and observe which content is scoring and which is not.

18) Your content should be free flowing and not rigid in thought, be funny and outspoken. Be careless and drop a hint to excite the reader.

19) Retain those who come onboard by channeling them to other websites that you have, let them not get off after reading what you have to say, here.

Increase your Social Media Traffic, by being everywhere, open and friendly and always heard.

Find the community you need, be useful to them, let them look up to you, when they need something. They would trust you when they feel your website is out to help them.

20) Share your other Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. They would see something there that they missed her on this website. This is one of the best social networking techniques.

21) Join others within your niche community. Help them where you can, be useful, interact and be always present to provide advice on things they would be discussing.

22) Once you are part of that community always let them see what you are up to and what is new on your website and this would direct traffic towards you.

23) Become a leader in the community and let others seek you, to know what is happening around them.

24) Let the community know you, volunteer to help in any way you can.

25) You should stand out in the community with a profile matching your abilities, and known to all as one who is helpful.

26) Follow others who are prominent in your community, share ideas with them. Show respect and you are sure to get some back. Share new trends and practices which would help others.

27) Strong relationships count, build some with others and share whatever you can. They will reciprocate.

Facebook leads traffic on the Social Media

There is no doubt that Facebook is the leading Social Media platform that draws the highest traffic, hence use it.

28) A Facebook page linked to your website could do wonders.

29) A mobile app for your website would help immensely.

30) Entice visitors to “like” you on Facebook and initiate a competition as it is FREE

31) Results of the competition would bring excitement around, make it a regular feature, and it is FREE.

THINK ! Use Facebook to your advantage and create some excitement and bring the community to always “like” you.

Regular tweets on Twitter, makes you popular and prominent in the community.

Twitter is gaining in popularity and is becoming a force to reckon with, so be a part of it,— it Helps !

32) Your business on Twitter, is a sure way to increase Social Media traffic.

33) Connect and follow everyone on Twitter. It would give you that feeling of confidence and importance.

34) Your community would appreciate re-tweets of content you see and like it.

35) Interesting tweets create curiosity, among the community.

36) The community would like to read bits of information that excite. Give it to them in small doses.

37) Popular #hastags added to your content is desirable.

38) Change headlines regularly, posts on Twitter are always updated hence repeat the tweets, let it not go un-noticed.

The goodness of – Google & Google+

The search engine at the helm of affairs and the most visited for every everything anyone wants, use it to the optimum.

39) Authenticate your sources through Google+ Authorship.

40) Good content on the relevant Google + communities would help your cause.

41) Follow others who are important and they will follow you.

42) Link your website to the Google+ business page.

43) Tagging your pages on Google Webmasters with interesting and useful tidbits would always help.

Two other active and relevant platforms are Podcasts and the effervescent YouTube.

YouTube and Podcasts bring a dimension to the Social Media and these two would help your cause, use them too.

44) Get on YouTube, it would help you.

45) Bring all your Social Media together one must connect with the other.

46) Videos carry much weight, hence post regular informative ones.

47) SEO on YouTube brings good traffic.

48) Relevant keywords must be accompanied with a transcript.

49) See what others are doing and follow them, on YouTube.

50) Submit to relevant directories your videos as Podcasts.

Use other Social Media marketing strategies.

Plan what marketing strategy you would use and implement it, then monitor and fine tune if needed. This could be done regularly, with minimum cost and effort.

51) Get the optimum free Social Media traffic by linking to every other social network available to you.

52) Join links to your website by uploading relevant presentations to SlideShare and Scribd.

53) Attach to active PDFs with good content and upload them to SlideShare and Scribd.

54) Join the Reddit community and post content but don’t SPAM, you will have to move diligently.

55) Link your profile and websites onto a URL, but do not SPAM.

56) Engage and accept visitors with open arms, encourage comments but not SPAM, respond to everything and maintain contact at all times.

57) Remember to positively respond, ask questions, and provide advice when asked for.

Social Media website traffic could also be increased through the many directories.

The different Directories available also provide the impetus to direct Social Media traffic, using them to your advantage would help.

58) Utilize the popular “Craigslist” to advertise your website.

59) Whether you are on an international or local “Craigslist”, it does not matter, you would be found.

60) Get on every local directory it would help someday and somewhere.

61) Google places for business must not be left out.

62) Don’t forget Bing places for business either.

63) What about ? Yahoo, local listings be there too.

64) Get your local community close to you, get on Google Maps too.

65) You may be lucky with, DMOZ.org try them too.

66) Check out every other Directory, if they are good try them out, there could be an advantage.

67) It would be great to be on every vertical industry, hence be on the lookout.

68) Tactfully use the success of others to improve your Social Media traffic. Piggy back riding is not an offense and you could help yourself at other’s cost. Pick the relevant site that matches your business and whilst on other Social Media, use whatever you could to increase your traffic.

Mastering Search Engine Optimization or SEO could help direct continuous traffic to your website.

SEO is the trick to get your website easily visible on the many search engines around. Google helps you and so does Yahoo and Bing.

69) Try to learn quickly the SEO platform that is the key to being easily visible on the versatile search engines available on the Internet.

70) Select the best domain name, a few words is fantastic, and lesser words or just two would be super.

71) Design a quick loading website.

72) Get an XML sitemap.

73) Get your sitemap on Google Webmasters.

74) Bing Webmasters is another good place to be on too.

75) Problems could be monitored and fixed on Google Webmasters.

76) Interconnect your content with other pages, that are in the limelight or show what you think is better or successful.

77) Facebook and smart phones are like “Ducks and water”, hence be mobile friendly on it. Monitor the traffic and update to draw more.

78) Ensure that your content is easily translated to readers who lack the knowledge of English.

Conduct reader friendly surveys regularly and publish results.

Surveys that are interesting would prompt visitors to engage and these feedbacks could be published to interest all.

79) Interesting surveys would not only engage visitors it would also attract interest to engage with you regularly.

80) Analyze the results and publishing them would be bait for visitors to visit and this engagement is, traffic.

81) Bring the results of these surveys to the public domain in style, by issuing it as press releases.

82) Create attractive “Info graphics” with the results and publish them.

Compile email lists with regular updating and send information to your contacts.

83) Make your website creative to get visitors to engage with you by email, because longer your list better engagement and better results of incoming traffic to your website.

84) Subscribing to your email list should be made attractive to visitors, hence being creative is the answer.

85) Update those on your email list with what interests them.

86) These updates should be frequent.

87) Your email newsletters should have a name that rhymes and rings in the ears of your readers.

88) Give links in your emails.

89) Avoid SPAM, at any cost.

90) The link you give should be appropriate.

Target the potential traffic and link them.

To achieve this traffic and given links should click.

91) Targeted keywords on Google Adwords buys traffic.

92) Purchase ad space on other popular websites relevant to your’s.

93) Do not pay for links, there are ways to bypass, find them.

94) Get a guest Blog linked to your website extended to emails too.

95) Actively sponsor ads on other newsletters where you can get exposure.

96) Give something to get something. Create affiliate programs to get results.

Five to complete the list

97) A good review of another product would find you on that website, exposure no doubt.

98) Create a Google folder appropriately name it with the right keywords and you may be lucky.

99) Get on “TripAdvisor” give good service and in return get good reviews and ratings, it helps.

100) Share a list of “101 things to do” on your website and be read, and that is traffic to your Social Media.

101) Read the “100 Effective ways” given above carefully and add if you have any and be attentive to how you could “increase website traffic with Social Media”.

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