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How Google AdWords Should Be Used By Your Startup

If you have just started your business, what should be your first step and who should be given the responsibility to oversee your AdWords can be a daring challenge. Journalist Brett Middleton has tips to make sure you are heading the right way.


Google’s AdWords can feel like a harsh environment, for people who are working from home office or the founders comfortably sitting in co-working area like CoCo Minneapolis or The Farm SoHo. How do you take the first step? Do you look for people who can manage your AdWords Campaign, or your intern handle it for the beginning while you try to get by.

Advertising business for the very first time can be nerve-racking. It feels like you are making a wrong choice, doesn’t matter what you do.

But in the end, you are growing and that’s all that matters. And also, use the tips below to commence your growth.


Who should actually be owning it?

Google performs a refined job when it comes to creating campaigns which are straight forward. But still there are several things which you might know.

Initially when I started using Google AdWords, a small-scale business hired me who really didn’t have enough financial support to keep the marketing staff on full time basis, and I gave the interview for the position of customer service representative who could take care of analytics and AdWords. I was permitted to learn while I was doing my job, and I was also allowed to take my certification form and learn the basics.

I am pretty sure I was awful at handling AdWords when initially started. But in few months time, I started understanding the tactics of numerous tasks. I was somehow able to concentrate on few basics and had gotten finer at them.

The very next footstep was getting strategic. I noticed ROAS was better while using Google Shopping instead of using unknown brand search and moved our budget there.

Most of the times its suggested to have someone who can work entirely for the task, not mandatory that they should an MBA or be an advertising major. Who else can be a proper fit? Pay Per Click Managers should be creative and analytical, understand and learn the maneuvers, completely master them, have serious look onto the strategy, and take appropriate business decisions. Specifically look for candidates who are authentically interested in the field of marketing and will be well off handling dual roles by involving AdWords to their regular duties. This candidate should be comfortable facing customers when it comes to sales and customer services and possesses creative writing skills along with strong math.

Want to make it even more scientific? Make everyone from your team take assessments like the Myers Briggs personality test, or try something such as Pymetrics to check how exactly your team acts and thinks.


What should be your first step?

Startups and SaaS companies are diving straight up into marketing automation and taking advantage of the amazing things automation provides. Work flow which is rule based that handle everything from leads to sale are one of the coolest things out for marketers at the moment.

But then basically you can do similar things when it comes to advertising. This is exactly the way you should proceed with remarketing.

Remarketing is awesome in Google. You pay only for clicks, and when you show remarketing ads to customers who have already opted in and converted into leads, you are not going to see those many clicks. It’s sure is astonishingly cost effective; you are using ads in the form of frequent reminders that customers have already affiliated with you and there are more steps to initiate.

Even when it comes to visitors from casual websites who came through a random mention on some websites. You will eventually have more captive traffic in regards to your current ads than with cold ad.

Your first venture into Google AdWords, should be to properly set up remarketing. After setting up remarketing in Google Analytics, you will notice that you have default all user audiences that keep records of everyone even cookied who drop by your website. And if you have a limited web traffic, let’s assume under 2500 sessions monthly, this All Users traffic will get you by for now. But, you are to be absorbing different points that indicates high level of interest on your website. Example?

  1. Pricing page visited
  2. Contact page visited
  3. Checkout started
  4. White paper downloaded

The simplest way to establish audience in the initial stage will be to simply support it on URL destination, if you notice people taking actions of thank you page, very easy it is. Simply set these people or traffic as users who viewed the page which contains thank you, pricing etc.


How can I organize growth and costs?

I you belong to an industry which is highly competitive, you may notice very high costs per clicks. If your conversion in PPC is at 1% and your cost per acquisition (CPA) is $25, I regret to let you know that investing $5 for every single click will not work.

Be very aware of your conversion rates when it comes to campaigns and what will be the cost per click; these 2 metrics will explain you all that you want to know. For keyword research, I have actually tested this method before, but I’ll explain it to you right now, so you know how to use it the best for your new business.

Initiate the process by linking Search Console and Google Analytics. This will help you know about your ranking and how many impressions you receive on organic keywords. Carefully observe the keywords for which you don’t rank near the organic top results, taking advantage of AdWords to make sure you don’t miss out on organic traffic will be a smart investment of your money.

If you started from the scratch, collect all the keywords which you are trying to rank organically for and insert them into your campaign. Initiate the process  with keeping your budget small and gradually increase until you start getting impressions. Make sure your keywords are broad match keywords, so that they can be searched by vast variety of searches and also, you can view these filters in the search term section of Google AdWords.

Paying special attention to phrases and also long tail searches people use will actually give you a better idea about the kind of keywords to be used. The flip side to this? By gradually inserting keywords while not getting fast clicks, you will have an idea about the cost of keywords which will eventually help you to get to the top ad position. Then again, this is what you should be looking to do:


  1. Link your search console with Google Analytics
  2. Find keywords with low organic rankings
  3. Low on search impression volume? Remember the keyword list you had in your content plan? Use that or, go low budget and manually work on the keywords which you think best describe your business.
  4. Remember I spoke about using keywords as broad match keywords?
  5. Make sure you use very low bids, and then gradually increase until you see yourself in ad position between 4 to 6 and are receiving good impressions.
  6. In the search terms section look for your keywords view in AdWords and the exact search your users are making.
  7. For overall traffic, what is your average conversion rate? What is your desired CPA? By considering both these points decide which keyword you should go ahead with first.


Hiring the right person who can manage your campaigns, can set up remarketing and at the same time take a deep look into the world of keywords and how much they will cost will eventually take time, but eventually it will help you by putting you in a great starting position.

In the preliminary stage if you experience success, don’t temporize to put more prominence on PPC and also paid media in general, paid traffic can help you quickly accelerate growth.

Start by investing low on ads, blend it together internally or hire a freelancer. As you are trying to increase growth, it will eventually become mandatory to have your own internal person who can spend around 50% of his time on paid media.

At certain point, having an agency managing your campaigns seems less efficient, and at that time you should bring your campaign management back to where it was, in-house. Agencies can be vastly successful when it comes to managing your campaigns, especially when you have an internal person who can interact with them and also understand what exactly is happening.

Never go with strategies which are completely external, always having someone in house who can create strategy together with your agency is crucial.

Start implementing this immediately. Start with Google remarketing, return back in front of the potential customers reaching you and spread awareness about you being there.

To accelerate your current growth use advertising. You are steps away when it comes to implementing and starting something that could eventually change the orientation of your business. Go after it.

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