The Essentials To Link Building Without Putting Your Ranking For a Toss  


The Essentials To Link Building Without Putting Your Ranking For a Toss

Link building is one of the most important tools in the process of ranking any website highly on some of the most popular search engines. This is a crucial ingredient in every search engine optimization campaign. The constant changes of algorithms used by search engines have made link building more complicated. However, even though link building often looks like a very difficult and even daunting task, this process can actually be quite exciting and fun. Of course, in order to achieve your goals, you must have a good plan. In this article, we will present the ultimate guide to link building.

Avoiding one huge mistake

If you ask many self-proclaimed SEO and link building experts about their opinion on efficient link building, they will probably say that the crucial element in this process is to remain undetected. In other words, you should try to build links in a way that doesn’t comply with the Webmaster Guidelines provided by Google. This activity typically includes activities like guest posting on websites with low DA and PR, blog commenting, submissions to link directories and web directories and using the help of PBNs (Private Blog Networks). While it’s true that these tactics can bring some results, in the beginning, it’s also true that you should be prepared for the negative consequences in the long run. Website owners have been trying to hide from Google, but Google’s team will eventually catch you. So, in the end, you will be faced with harsh penalties, de-ranking, and much lower traffic. It will take a lot of time, effort, and money to get back on your feet after such blow. The only way to feel the benefits of link building is to respect the rules and to follow the trends.

What should you do to feel the benefits of link building?

If you perform some research, you will notice that many professionals in the SEO industry are promising black hat, gray hat and white hat link building services. Keep in mind that there is no strict definition for any of these terms, so you need to be careful. That’s why it might be a better idea to stick to one method that has proven to be effective and completely legal – natural link building.

The best part is that every search engine supports this natural link building and they tend to rank websites that practice these activities higher than those with suspicious external links. Link building is associated with many benefits for websites including increased web traffic, greater visibility, better branding and stronger authority. If you are able to perform link building in the right way, you can rest assured that the visibility of your business will remain strong for a long time. Let us remind you that you can try those dubious techniques we have mentioned before, but before you know it the next Google algorithm update can eliminate all your virtual success and progress in a matter of minutes.

Laying a foundation for optimal link building results

Just like any other type of online, one dedicated to link building must be based on a strong foundation. This stage begins with learning more about the difference between bad ad good links.

When people are thinking about good links, they are usually taking SEO effects into consideration. But, in order to say that one link is good, you must look at the bigger picture. This links must trigger engagement too. To put it simply, SEO is not the final goal, it is just a tool that we use to make a website successful. For instance, there is a good chance that your website will benefit greatly even if someone mentions your website without actually posting a link. In addition, you must take few other things into account, so you can determine whether the link that points to your website is good. Some of these things include social media signals and followers, overall web traffic, the size of the email list, visibility, and branding, the activity of the community, possible traffic referrals, quality of content, posting regularity and editorial guidelines. Once you analyze all these things, you should be able to understand how useful some site can be for the exposure of your blog.

The positive effects of social media and content marketing on link building

As we said before, link building is not an exclusive process. This means that link building is affected by other website-related activities. Look at link building as a small piece of a large puzzle. The puzzle is the overall marketing strategy you have. So, you must use your link building strategies with a wide range of marketing and promotional channels to feel the best results. Numerous examples have shown that social media and content marketing are important for this process.

How to boost link building effects with the help of social media

If you want to expose your content to a huge number of people and you want to reap the benefits of link building, you can’t go wrong with social media. The logic is simple, if you make more people check your content, you will have more opportunities to get links from other successful blogs. Experts agree that the number of fans or followers you have on social media is very important, but you can use social media to reach people that are not following you either. There are situations where you can rely on social media when you want to mention useful content from influential social media users or bloggers. By using these tactics, you can expect to get mentioned by some of these bloggers too. If you have said something good about them, they will probably share your content with their followers/fans and you will get better exposure. In this way, you are using the advantages of social proof and you are building links at the same time. There are few other tactics related to social media and link building, so feel free to try some of them.

How to use content for more efficient link building

High-quality, useful content remains to be one of the most important elements of marketing strategies of successful website owners. Luckily, website owners today can use many different types of content to grab the attention of their existing and potential visitors/readers. Some of the most effective forms of content used today are infographics, blog posts, videos, interactive content, images and PDF guides. We can freely say that blog posts are still the most effective form of content when it comes to link building. However, we must point out that there are specific types of blog posts that tend to create significantly more backlinks compared to others. Thorough resource posts, list posts, opinion posts, group interviews, and newsjacking – these are the forms of blog posts that can provide tons of backlinks.

During the process of creation of content, it is a good idea to mention some popular bloggers in your industry. You should also include links to external sources that readers might find useful. When you are creating content keep the needs of your readers in mind and try to make your content as helpful as possible. When the content is prepared and published you should focus on promoting it and as previously mentioned social media platforms are a simple way to get great exposure.

The importance of blogger outreaches for link building

It doesn’t really matter whether you are using social media or email or some other channel for outreach, this outreach is closely related to the number of quality links you can get. If the outreach is effective, you can expect backlinks from many well-known and respected websites with a huge audience and great authority.

The essence of efficient blogger outreach

Let’s start by saying that having a good email list is important. You will definitely want to share your message with the right people. If you know who exactly you need to contact, you must create a good pitch. Think about their requirements and desires, not yours. The pitch should be all about the things that you can do to help them. If they are able to recognize the benefit, you will boost your chances for success. People today use the internet to find help and this is exactly what you should provide.

If you want to ruin your link building strategy, then simply send your pitch to unknown people and ask them to spend their time and don’t provide anything as a reward. If this doesn’t sound right to you, it’s because it’s completely wrong.

Those who are able to focus on important things like making and developing a relationship that can benefit both sides are the ones that can expect a positive impact. Now let’s see what else you can do to improve your success.

For starters, don’t forget the relevancy factor. Analyze the person that will receive the message and try to find out whether that blog is actually relevant. This is a complex process that requires a lot of time and you certainly don’t want to lose time on building relationships with people who are not interested in something like this. Next, you must acknowledge the fact that relationships are important. Just like in many other things in our life, it is very important who you know. In case you don’t know that individual, you will need to find a way to familiarize with them. For instance, you can start by sending comments on their posts. Or you can start interacting with them on popular social media networks. The logic behind this is simple – people usually avoid reading messages from people that they don’t know. Let us remind you again that this is a relationship in which you get something and give something in return so don’t hesitate to ask them how you can help them.

Furthermore, several studies have shown that personalization of emails counts too. If people receive a message addressed directly to them, they will probably respond. As you probably know, you can use an unlimited number of words in your email message, but don’t forget that we are living in a busy world, so try to keep these messages as short as possible. Additionally, you should include a concise CTA, create an attractive offer and write an email that can persuade people. You might want to use a professional copywriter for that.

The power of guest posting

If you analyze the latest discussions about guest posting, you will notice that many experts believe that this link building technique is not working anymore. But, this is only partially true. Guest posting is inefficient, but only for those using low-quality blogs. If you are mentioned on a blog that gets thousands of visits a day and a blog where visitors are prone to engagement, you can expect some great results. Obviously, you will need to provide high-quality content.

Link building with broken links

Some of you might be confused, but this technique actually works. Identifying broken links is an activity that many website owners avoid. What we are trying to suggest here is to find an authoritative, relevant and useful content (blog post or other content) with a good number of backlinks that cannot be accessed anymore. Based on this content, you can create similar content on your website. It would be better if you can upgrade and update the content. After that, just reach the owners of the websites that are linking to the broken link and ask them to link to your content if they want to.

Mentions without links

In the beginning of this guide, we have pointed out that sometimes other website mentions our website, but only by name without a link. In a case like this, you can contact the creator of this content and kindly ask them to add a link. Of course, even without a link, this will improve your online presence.

Final thoughts

Link building is a process that requires knowledge, patience and constant monitoring of changes. Create quality content, keep in touch with website owners and rely only on natural link building methods.

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