Email Signatures : 101 Do's And Don'ts You Should Know.  


Email Signatures : 101 Do’s And Don’ts You Should Know

Your signature is your authentication of anything, it could be a document, an art, a film you produced as the Director among many other activities which could be associated or identified with your style.

Signatures have been used from prehistoric times, which are still evident today in paintings and cave dwellings where our ancestors lived.

Thereafter the Roman emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs, Kings, Queens and even officials of yore used a signature to authenticate messages and documents, which were accepted without any questions asked.

Even in modern times a signature is very important to identify a document as authenticate, for instance the United States of America, The Declaration of Independence which was signed on the 4th of July 1776 is a very hallowed document still preserved and which could be seen in the National Archives.

Likewise when we send an email to anyone, especially a business associate, customer, potential customers or to anyone with whom we would like to engage in business, or open up a relationship there are certain accepted norms and etiquette that we would need to follow to ensure we obtain positive results and also make sure that our email instead of bringing the good results we envisaged, has brought just the opposite.

Hence we list the 101 Do’s and Don’ts that we think would help you to get the right message across and build a fruitful relationship with the receivers of your emails.

1. Get an email address

To begin any contact through emails, you should have an email address that would facilitate your contact with others.

2. Get your email signature

Once you have the above design the signature appropriate to your business.

3. Whatever your business is, an email signature is a MUST

An email signature is a very effective Marketing tool, hence use it.

4. Design a professional email format

Your best email signature format should be designed to ooze professionalism.

5. Your email signature should be your first Marketing tool

It is first contact hence it should be your first marketing tool, design it to carry a message with strategy in the first instance.

 6. Design collectively

All emails from your company should carry the same message across to the outside world, in the email signature.

7. Don’t stop with contact details

Don’t give only your contact details in your email signature and stop.

8. Give more information

Elaborate what your company does precisely.

9. Follow best practices for email signatures

Whilst providing as much information as possible stick to basic rules, etiquette and accepted norms.

10. Obtain HMTL help

Help from HMTL is crucial and important and would help immensely in designing just the email signature you would want.

11. Use HMTL tables

HMTL tables would give your email signature that extra punch, with good visual layout targeting the right customers in your line of business.

12. Adjust the best email signature format

Adjust the right width, height and length or your customer will see something entirely different to what you have designed because his device will show what it sees.

13. Marry text and images in harmony

Your text and images should be in harmony and in a healthy marriage with one not trying to outshine the other.

14. Check if it comes “thumbs up” on mobile devices

Send some emails out on trial to mobile devices and check if they stand out well without the edges getting lost.

15. Robust and strong HMTL help

The HMTL help received should stand out tall and be robust at all times.

16. Keep it inside the frame

Your professional email format should fit perfectly into your customer’s screen hence keep, within it at all times and on all devices.

17. Keep within 600 to 650 pixels

Follow best email signatures examples and keep within 600 to 650 pixels.

 18. Ensure details are correct

All details in the email signature should be current and correct.

19. Contact details should be perfect

Ensure that all the contact details of everyone in the organization is current and correct, because making a customer irritated would lose him forever.

20. Update changes immediately

Any change in location, telephone numbers or other auxiliary deviations should be immediately corrected on the email signature.

21. Connect to the Social media

Connect to every Social media you could and show the world that you are on what and which.

22. Don’t forget “twitter”

Get on “twitter” it connects millions around the world and being on it shows that you think progressively.

23. Don’t forget “FaceBook”

The Social media with the largest number of members and growing very fast too, being on it is exposure unlimited.

24. Don’t forget other Social media too.

Connect to very Social media that you could and that is where you would be noticed.

25. Use multiple email signatures

Use a different email signature for replies and forwarding, this leaves your primary signature open for the relevant business only.

26. Coin your best Marketing message effectively

Get your best Marketing message across in a few words or with one image.

27. Select the best Marketing message

A big story in a small little message and that is what your Marketing message should be, understandable and effective.

28) Project your top brand

Select which of your brands is the most powerful and highlight it and bring it to the fore for easy recognition between your organization and the brand.

 29. Secure professional IT help

In case your organization does not have an IT department or division, secure help from others who could help to get your act right to be effective and bring positive results.

30. Create high end text

The text used on your professional email format should be classy and clearly visible, and if you are using colors ensure that they are all legible even when older men and women happen to read it.

It would irritate a potential customer if he cannot read what is on what you assume is your best email signatures format.

31. Create attractive imaging

The images should carry their own messages, and whilst being accommodative within it should be visible and strong.

32. Use effective CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is how HMTL is displayed on screen, paper or on other media controlling the layout in multiple pages simultaneously.

33. Appoint Marketing representative

Select and appoint an aggressive Marketing representative to ensure that all responses are attended immediately as customers are not going to repeat their actions and call again, and again.

34. The Marketing representative should be well briefed

He should be well aware and sufficiently briefed on what responses he should target and what the brand is that is highlighted if there are many.

35. The Marketing representative should be proactive with information

The Marketing representative should be proactive with information and when there is a response from prospective customers optimum information should be provided in the shortest possible time and quickly.

36. Highlight your content marketing

Keep your content on the marketing platform to work for you effectively and always highlight it.

 37. Keep within local laws

Ensure that your professional email format is within the laws of the country and include email disclaimers and automate them.

38. Keep within international laws

If your emails are targeting those in international markets ensure that the emails that you send to every market you work in is within the laws of that country.

39. Include your company logo

Prominently display your company logo and it should be one that would be easily recognizable to your customers, who know you and can relate your brand to it, as it will help you by instant action.

40. The company logo and you

The company logo and your details on the professional email format should be well balanced and should be not contrasting and each fighting for attention from the other, and there should be symmetry.

41. Include your photograph

Personalize your best email signature format by carrying a photograph of yourself within the text and other images, balance it well and present it well too.

42. Maintain consistency

Maintain consistency across the professional email format in every sense among those of your colleagues and everyone else which should project collectiveness to the world you are doing business with.

43. Common mode on all your devices

There should be a common mode among and between all the devices in your organization and there should not be and conflict within.

44. Get an impressive font designed

If you have spent a lot of money for a design, ensure that it is what reaches your customers because what you have in your device may not reach in that format to your customer.

45. Mix and match attractive colors to your professional email format

Mixing and matching attractive colors would highlight your email signature to stand out from the rest of the competition and would leave a lasting impression.

46. Get yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn would give you exposure and in the bargain give your company too the exposure it would need and becomes a two way traffic.

47. State disclaimer only once

A disclaimer should be stated only once, as repeating it gives a negative impression.

48. Regularly monitor your traffic

Regularly monitor the regular incoming traffic along with the responses and find ways to improve on your professional email format and achieve better results, the next time round.  

49. See how the market is behaving too

Keep a finger on the pulse of the market and see how it is behaving on your email campaign and monitor it.

50. Consistency in Outlook and OWA

Consistency is the key for brand success and how your email signature appears on your customer’s device is what is important along with consistency.

51. Sent from my iPhone, remove it

Nobody wants to know so just delete it.

52. Drop vendor messages

Just delete it as your customers are not interested.

53. Obtain professional help to code your professional email format

Get it perfect as your email signature is important to you and your customers too.

54. Prior to using your email signature, Spam test it

Use it only when you are 100% sure that you have followed all best email signatures examples and you have got it perfectly right.

55. Ensure that the email signature is a mandatory part of your email

It may sound a bit harsh but you need to piggy back to sustain yourself.

56. Including the company registration and number would carry weight

It could be law in some countries and in others a way of showing that you are legitimate, and if possible automate it.

57. Keep a soft corner for others in other countries with whom you would deal with

Speak their language and design an email signature to match their interests, values and culture.

58. A vCard link may be important

They always work and having one is important and a super way for customers to add you on.

 59. Give others a signature option they could choose

Providing a different option for others especially for internal correspondence would bring a different dimension into the company where consistency in everything may not be too good too.

60. Your reply signature should be accommodative on the screen

It should be short and sweet, with not being too loud.

61. Ensure email lines are in working order

Avoid irritating customers with a offline email address.

62. Your customers who are your recipients should be targeted with the email signature content

Use the email campaigns to strategize your email marketing campaign, and advice support members to ensure compliance, and link the financial side and the human resources division too help because it is a collective function for the company.

63. Use internal email signatures to promote internal messages and information

This helps when others know that it is internal emails and would open to read first.

64. An email signature is a must, don’t go without it

You would and should be proud of what you have, going without a professional email format could give the wrong impression.

65. Divide your email signature box

This would help you to change specifics only when needed.

66. It should not be a single form in the format

You will have to redesign the complete thing when you have to change just a mobile number.

67. Avoid putting all eggs in one basket

If you into many products don’t put all into your email signature, it would be too crowded.

68. Project your complete identity, whether large corporate or small company

It does not matter tell what you have to say

 69. Your email should be free of script snippets from Powershell

This is for specific individuals hence avoid it.

70. Your email signature design should not give you a headache

Relax and take it easy it is not that difficult to get it right, does not need hours of work.

71. Your CAT or Call To Action should be a strong Marketing message

The customer also the receiver should be jolted to engage with you, in one or any of the actions you have placed before him.

72. Add a color code to the URL’s

This would prevent any wrong design configuration on your part.

73. Avoid the standard blue reply font

If the email signature is not properly formatted it can look crude.

74. Avoid adding your vCard as a standard attachment

Provide a link, that would do an it would be more professional.

75. If you are adding an image ALT tag it

A supportive back up if your customer is filtering images coming into his device.

76. Don’t be on a Social media just because “THEY” are there.

Be your own and do what is good for your company not because “THEY” are there on that Social media.

77. Design your own professional email format

Don’t copy someone else’s just because it looks nice, do it by yourself.

78. Don’t just do what another has done with their logo

Do what is good for you and your company.

79. Don’t just blindly follow others

It should be your own email signature designed according to your company.

 80. Showing pictures of landlines and envelopes on your email signature is outdated

This prehistoric hence avoid it.

81. Stop giving instructions on how to update email signatures to others

They will do it anyway when there are changes.

82. Leave out animated GIFS

It would be just a waste of time as some emails may not open them so your efforts would be in vain.

83. Stop using checkmarks

It would not give expected returns.

84. Avoid numbering

It is not what the customer is looking for as he would just ignore it.

85. Using bullets are also a waste of time

The efforts would not be consistent with the time and money spent.

86. The email images added should be 100% in size

Everything should fit 100% into the email signature and none should be left aside.

87. Create HMTL for email format

Email signature formats use HMTL and is specific to plaintext alternative.

88. Email signatures where possible should be read only

Consistency across the board and all employees should adhere and the email signature should be designed for read only.

89. Create Plain Text email signatures

Your customer receiving an email in Plain Text, his device would be recognize it if not the formats could change and another completely different thing would be presented to him.

90. Show the world that you have been awarded for good service or other awards

It would help to give you that extra edge we all desperately seek.


91. Clicks and statistics on your email signature should be integrate analytics

Helps to provide you with the positive outcomes and would help in better and professional management techniques.

92. Stop using Comic Sans

It could annoy and irritate your customers never to come back again.

93. Every email sent out should carry a Marketing message

The customers are out there send them the message they want to hear and see it too.

94. Just don’t keep adding all the Social media icons you are on

Keep it very simple and nice.

95. Stop using the New Roman Times

Just don’t.

96. Designing is a Marketers job, so do it

Keep the IT staff out because they are not professional marketers.

97. Your Plain and Rich text should be your’s

Don’t let outlook bring it out for you on your customer’s screen.

98. The adding of images should be right, don’t be afraid to do it

Do it properly with care but without any hesitation, as that may be bad.

99. Use the OWA app for your iOs/iPhone or Android device if you are equipped with Office 365

It is the easiest and surest way to ensure that you company’s best practices for email signatures is consistent every time you engage with different customers.

100. Your images should not be scaled

If you do so it could be scrappy and look a disaster.

101. Don’t worry.

The last but not the least don’t worry too much on getting your email signature right, try it out the results would come.



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