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Demystifying Facebook Engagement in 2017 – Your Ultimate Guide


We just teamed up to discuss our Facebook’s most engaging posts’ research with Mari Smith. Mari shared top some of her top tips for making effective strategies for Facebook content, for the year 2017. Content marketers, who attended this session, had several questions. Consequently, we followed up along with Mari for providing best possible options for answering all the important questions.

Here, we have divided our treasure trove of all the resources into three different corresponding sections:

An Infographic upholding the research that went into Facebook posts, which performed best this year

Recommendations from Mari for the upcoming year

Solutions to the questions marketers had about Facebook marketing

If you are planning to skip ahead, then you will find recommendations from Mari here. The Q and A section is here.

However, if you are a Lee Odden’s advice’s fans, like us, and feel that they could be the best answers for your customers’ queries, then you might just make a list of all the questions. The answers to these questions can then be provided in the form of in-depth posts on each of them.

We have added the actual list at the end of this post.

What are most engaging and most recent posts on Facebook?

To draw a conclusion to this particular question, BuzzSumo analyzed close to 800 million posts or more from 2016. The overall engagement was considered. Along with this, the number of likes, shares and comments were also evaluated separately.

Here is what exactly we were able to find:

Images, questions and videos showed maximum possible engagement, when compared to other types of posts. Video content were the ones, which had the maximum number of shares.

Besides, the best or the highest engagement of the week was showed on Sunday.

Post engagement was relatively higher when the news feed had much less number of public posts. Although the low-volume periods were coinciding with the late night hours for most of the Facebook users, both high interaction and low volume were inversely proportional.

Another parameter evaluated was the length of the posts. Shorter posts having less than 50 characters showed more engagement when compared to the longer posts.

However, if a post had linked to any piece of content out of Facebook, then the people engagement was more if it was leading to a longer article.

During 2016, directly posted images on Facebook, rather than the ones posted through the Instagram, showed more engagement than those posted through Instagram to Facebook.

Top Facebook Content Tips for 2017 by Mari Smith

Being a leading Facebook Marketing authority, Mari Smith has some of the most useful insights possible for Facebook engagement. During the presentation, Mari described the comprehensive 2017 Facebook content plan. The important factors are as follows:


  • Create photo and video content, which can be easily and highly shared
  • Maximize the reach on some of the important posts using paid promotion
  • Implement the Mari Method for maximizing. First, let the organic reach to sum up to around 24 hours, later pay a part of your total budget for boosting the post. Wait at least up to 24 hours for the reach to again accumulate from the promotion. Next, put more money in increased paid promotion
  • Include CTA links and buttons
  • Make use of Facebook Live
  • Test the giveaways with your target audience
  • Publish 5time a week; try experimenting by posting after the business hours
  • Make most of those posts as videos
  • Re-target your posts for Engagement Custom Audiences, as per the video view, page interactions as well as lookalike audiences
  • Focus hugely on educating, as well as whenever possible entertaining, your target audience


Questions and Answers on Facebook Engagement

  1. What is the ideal image size for Facebook promotion?

If you are planning to upload an image for a particular purpose or to display in a specific part of Facebook, then you can check the size of your image based on the exact purpose and location as specified in the ‘Facebook Ads Guide’. However, in general, an ideal image size is somewhere around 1200×628 pixels, having a minimum width of at least 600 pixels, while the maximum file size can be around 1 MB for all the png images.


So, what could be the tips for those publishers who drive traffic from the social media to their own site, particularly emphasizing on those from Facebook’s  native videos?

To understand better, let us know the importance of driving web traffic away from Facebook to your own site. As described by John Batelle and put forward by Joe Pulizzi, the audiences that we might gather from social networks are mere “rented” audiences from social networks. Quite opposite to reaching out to your target audiences organically, these networks can make it both hard as well as easy to connect to your followers.


The differences between Content Landscape and Owned Audiences:

As Mari suggested, the basic rule of gaining Facebook marketing importance is by offering something that carries value. In other words, it is to educate your audience in a way that they are also entertained with it. Therefore, it is like finding a niche for yourself where you can give out something valuable to your audience but at the same time you are enjoying too, while doing it.

You will need a well planned Facebook strategy that will encompass Facebook posts of a wide range. This will make sure that you reach out to a wide range of audience. Basically, your Facebook strategy must go parallel with your business marketing plan. So that the greater audience that you are targeting to, fits into your business goals. After all, the major goal is to engage as many audiences as you can who would subscribe to your emails, go to your website or become your probable customers.

Calls-to-action can do wonders for your audience in clarifying and also letting them know what your next step would be. In a way, these will make your audience become more engaging with your goal that you have for them.

For example, when Mari came live to her Facebook audiences, she not only offered useful tricks and tips but also took the chance of letting her audiences know about her two upcoming webinars. In a way, it was like promoting of your future projects.


Example of Mari Smith using video to promote a webinar

Another example would be of Mari Smith who went for videos for promoting her webinar.

Nurturing your Facebook audiences shouldn’t just focus on engaging them to your goals. A more effective way would be coming up with posts that can be actually helpful to your audiences and not just trying to grab their time, attention and money.

You can go for Facebook posts that are helpful only without CTA’s . These will be like maintaining relationships with influencers.

Nowadays we can find various options of boosting our posts on social sites. But is it recommendable to go for the boost option instead of using the application of ads manager?

According to Mari, the option of boost button mainly focuses on those audiences who are already saved. But one important step would be saving your target audiences on your ads manager and and then using the boost option. Thus, the boost button can be optimized by the use of ads manager.

Are there any Facebook pages examples where the audiences can be engaged in active chats with the page owners and also have a Q/A session?

The most appropriate examples would be Maris page, Burts Bees Facebook page and you can also take the example of the Bufferapp page. These pages have great audience interactions.

Can a Facebook page be of any help for a small-medium sized software retailing company in anyway?

Of course! Social Media is the ultimate platform for promoting businesses. And Facebook is giant in social media. About 79 percent of the adults that uses internet in America are on Facebook. And that’s huge! And the Facebook users in this region has been only increasing. Therefore it is a great platform for the promotion of your small- medium sized businesses too.

These days everyone is on Facebook. And there cannot be any other form of platform that can be as efficient than this. It gives you a space to bring your work to the people on a very individual level. It has a great capability to build your brand and business online. And according to Mari, with your engaging posts on a specific field like education and entertainment, you can definitely kickstart targeting your audiences. And in the long run, you can later focus on turning these audiences into your probable customers- to buy your software, which is the ultimate goal.

Is there any demography involved with respect to the Facebook posts? Is there a definite data that can distinguish the behavior of audiences of different age groups on Social Media, like in terms of the amount of time that they engage on different posts?

In a report that is just published by the Pew Research on Demographics of Social Media for the year 2016, it has been stated that Facebook is the most prominent social media in America. It has been found that number of adults of older age group has boosted up by a fourteen percent since the year 2015. It is also stated there that around seventy seven percent earners of higher class income are on Facebook. The following demography chart depicts the other data.

One of the features of Facebook is the Admin Panel that can elaborate you on your target audience. It has a section- Insights Section that will give you a clearer idea on this. In this section you will get an idea of how your customers or your targeted audiences are engaging with your posts and contents.

For this purpose you can also use the Buzzsumo. Here you can check how your competitors are doing with their posts. You can even check which of their posts are having the most engagement from the audiences.

What should be the number of videos that I should be posting on my Facebook page?

According to Mari, in a week you should post five posts. And at least four of them should be contents with videos.

Posting this way for at least a month, can be like an experiment to check if your target audiences are taking it well. And according to their responses, you can shuffle the type of posts and even the density of your posts.

If I have a blog concerning health and fitness, how many posts should I be posting on my Facebook Page daily?

Along with what Mari said, we went for some studies to see what actually works for Facebook pages concerning health blogs. We researched the top 100 posts that were shared the most last year, and we found that the posts on the weekends had the maximum audience engagement and 70 percent of them were photos with around 26 percent were the video content posts.

Thus we found that the posts with visual contents work the best and should be mainly scheduled for the weekends.

On Facebook, what could be the most worthy form of interaction?

According to Mari, it is the “Shares” on Facebook that works the best for interaction. One of the most powerful thing about Shares is that, they can promote your posts on different platforms and different newsfeeds. 

Yes, “Shares” do have a great power of engaging interactions but there are other factors that contribute to the density of shares on Facebook. It is basically a network where different factors are co related and interdependent.

What does organic reach mean? Does it cover only those people who have already liked your Facebook page?

If a post that is reached to your audiences without any compensation then that can be called as an organic reach. It is basically something that you don’t have to pay for. Facebook follows certain data to plan what and what not comes in your newsfeed. So, if you build a strong organic reach for your Facebook page then you can have those contents or posts on your newsfeed that you want to target to your audiences. Usually most of the people that may have liked your page won’t come back to your page for reading your posts. But with a good organic reach, your posts will appear in your newsfeed which in turn will catch everyone’s attention.

Is there any rule that we should be posting our contents only when most of our audiences are online? And if we do post in the presence of less number of people online, will my post tend to be missed out?

Facebook follows an algorithm that basically decides what should be posted on your newsfeed. Nothing can be said on how exactly this algorithm fits. Although on, you can find the variance of these algorithms.

The above formula shows that the online presence of your audiences during the time you posted is one of the many elements that decides if your audiences have seen your post. It is not the ultimate factor though. This means your post can be reached to your audiences even if they come online at later hours.

As said by Mari, “Shares” is definitely the most dominant factor for gaining engagement online, there are other factors too that contribute to the algorithm of Facebook in linking your contents to your audiences. Among the other factors, the content “Creator” factor can lead to serious engagements on your posts. The “Creator” factor helps Facebook identifying your other contents and it meticulously strings all your posts connected to your page and feeds to your audiences. This helps your fans in exploring all your posts and engage all the more with your page.

And again here the section Insights of the Facebook Admin panel can help you identifying the “type” of posts that your audiences are more inclined to. This can help you in managing your page’s contents better.

It is very important that you choose and manage the contents of your posts according to the responses from your targeted audiences. You should be aware of what works and what doesn’t with the people that follow your page. You should never go with the posts that are recommended but have no connection with your target audience. You should keep a track of the type of posts that are doing better for your page and plan your future contents accordingly. One of the measures that you can take here is following your competitors’ pages and evaluating what posts are working good for them. In this, Buzzsumo can help you tracking their pages.

What is the equation of engagement and reach? Which affects the other?

Here it can be said that both of them are somewhere interdependent. The engagement of your audiences can help Facebook decide if more of your contents should reach to your audiences. And similarly, your audiences would be able to engage with your contents only when they reach out to them. Thus, both the factors affect each other.

Well, it can be said that above ninety percentage of people access Facebook through their mobile phones.

More than 90% of Facebook users use the platform predominantly from a mobile device.

What if someone’s not there on my Facebook friend list? Can they be invited to like my page?

Yes they can be invited. In some pages, there are the options of including your email ids. This will connect the people on Facebook who are on your contact list but may not be on your friend list. These contacts will have recommendations to like your page.

Joe Pulizzi questioned, if it is a good strategy for marketing to invite your contacts who you are connected to outside Facebook, to like your Facebook page? Because, you can approach people outside your Facebook network to like or visit your page through mails too.

What could be the new things on Facebook this year?

According to Mari, there will be even more number of videos, this year.

It has been stated by Facebook that videos will transform the way we interact. And that, in the coming five years every interaction will be video based. That is why, Facebook has launched a newsfeed section for videos.

It is also calculated that by the summer of this year, the ad inventory section of Facebook will be fully loaded. This will call for an additional newsfeed for new videos. This will even change the revenue opportunities of this social media giant.

The transformation of Facebook-ing through messenger is creating a leverage for customer services. This will be a turning point for the small businesses who competes with their big competitors with the advantages of always serving better with outstanding customer services.

What is the process of creating a playlist of videos on Facebook?

GO to the “Page Manager” option on your page and select the option of “Make Playlist”.

What should I do to put caption on the videos on my Facebook?

For the videos which are shorter in length and are meant for ads, you will have to choose the “Automatic Captioning” by Facebook while setting up that short ad. For longer duration videos, there are many options.

There are many instructions on Facebook for adding video captions vial .srt files.

One of the many popular methods for captioning the videos is to uploading the video on Youtube. Then you can edit the same video to add captions. After that you can just download that video and upload it on your Facebook page. One thing that you should keep in mind here is to cross check the captions or the subtitles made by Youtube. And then you are good to go to upload the video on Facebook.

How am I supposed to keep up to date with the changes on Facebook?

For this, you can keep a track of the Messenger page or you can even follow David Marcus for this. And if you can also check Buzzsumo and Mari’s page too.

You can change the preferences on your newsfeed. You can manually choose the preferences and manage your newsfeed on your homepage itself. This way you can actually prioritize your Facebook alerts.

Are there any good software for editing of videos, mainly for incorporating subtitles and texts in them?

As suggested by Mari, Animoto, Ripl, Facebook Page app etc.

We can see that Buzzsumo have been using ScreenFlow for their webinars.

Is re-boosting of posts possible on Facebook?

Yes. On ads manager, you can select re-boosting of a post. You can even target specific audiences here.

Does video promoting can be done on various platforms?

Of course. But it should be done systematically and sequentially. Because, if your audiences are connected to you through all of your accounts like pages, groups etc then promoting the same video on different platforms can be haphazard. So, plan it out and do it sequentially. If you are going for paid promotions, then you can even find the option of “Get Video Views” on your ad manager. 

What is Mari’s favorite Facebook ad?

If Mari has to choose, what would be her favorite ad for Facebook so far?

It is the video of the Chatbooks. It had an enormous reception from the audiences. It was not only entertaining but also intelligently made and out and out hilarious. It basically depicts the importance off keystone content. According to Mari, one must aim for coming up this year, with at least two keystone content ads for Facebook. 

Does embedded videos tend to do better than the videos uploaded on Facebook through Youtube links?

Embedded videos and videos with external links are different. Videos that you share on Facebook through Youtube are found not to have as many shares as the Facebook embedded videos. In fact embedding videos can be uploaded very easily. And they can be shared by just clicking on the share option. You will observe a time gap between uploading your video and that getting published on Facebook.

Another way of embedding videos on Facebook is to go live. You can go for broadcasting of live videos on Facebook. These live videos are embedded on Facebook.

Is there an option of seeing live videos that have been posted Facebook, on Buzzsumo?


What is the difference between the phone feed and the laptop feed?

Mobile views and laptop views may look different. For different web pages the screen size and orientation of the page decides how the items will be displayed on different mobile screens. The ad manager’s ads appear differently on laptops and mobile screens. Since these days, most people access Facebook from their smart phones, the errors found in displaying are needed to be corrected well. 

How can I go for adding money for posts boosting?

Go to the “View Results” option and you can add money there.

There will be many changes on Facebook this year. Try to achieve the most from it.





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