Learn How To Create A Engaging Niche Using Facebook Group. It's Easy  


Learn How To Create A Engaging Niche Using Facebook Group. It’s Easy

Facebook is the quintessential king of social media platforms with nearly 1.79 billion monthly active users and 1.66 billion mobile monthly active users as of September 30, 2016. With Facebook Messenger becoming the third app from Facebook’s stable to reach the staggering 1 billion daily users mark, there is no undermining the huge influence of Facebook in our daily lives and addictive Facebook group.

From connecting with friends to posting our hourly happenings, there are numerous reasons why all of us log in on Facebook on a daily basis. One of the most popular reasons for Facebook (FB) users to form a collective entity is in the form of groups (Facebook Group) . There are countless groups that we can see around us catering to our interests, needs, and nostalgia. A Facebook group can be easily created by anyone in a few basic steps and he/she can then send an invite to their friends or post the link to the group on forums requesting people to join.

Facebook groups are analogous of the real life groups. Like you have various different groups in life comprising of schoolmates, college-friends, colleagues, friends, family, etc., similarly, you can be a part of numerous Facebook groups based on your individual preferences. These groups can be private or public in nature. These privacy settings controls the visibility of the content in the group to only its members or outsiders respectively.

There are many perks of being a part of a group. You and the rest of the members get a dedicated page to yourselves with adequate security measures so that you can uninhibitedly post updates, share photos, ask questions, share links, add media, and start a discussion.

What makes the Facebook Groups so important?

Why are Facebook groups so important? Facebook Groups are often undermined in the impact they have in our daily lives. With over a billion daily subscribers on FB, FB Groups offer the best platform for a congregation of people to gather and share information. More and more users have been using FB Groups nowadays. From companies, associations, individuals to organizations and businesses, everyone is using the FB Groups nowadays. While creating a group is an easy task, a lot of effort is required on the part of the admins to ensure its success. That is why many groups fizzle out in the course of time due to the lack of time or effort.

The group members will get a notification whenever a user posts to the group which increases the overall traffic to each post. Don’t worry about spamming other users. A user can choose to silence the group notification if he/she isn’t interested in receiving this notification. Even better, a Facebook Group has more organic reach as compared to your company page.

Learn how to use FB Groups to build a niche society

Continue reading if you are looking to understand ways in which you can create and manage a leading Facebook community and become its unequivocal leader. We have listed down eight important steps for you to conduct in order to create a Facebook Group and lead it to flourish.

  • Find your niche

There are tens of thousands of Facebook Groups which cater to almost every sort of topic from music to travelling and social abuse. You will need to find a niche reason which is different to other groups. While searching for your niche, be specific about your reason for creating the page. Once you have found yoru niche, it will be time to identify your target audience and reach out to them. If you are an organization, you will need to finalize beforehand the nature of your business and which products you aim to promote on the group. Find a launch date of your product and the group. Know the pulse of your audience and how you aim to cater to it using this group. All these measures will guide you in the correct path to becoming an industry leader.

  • Don’t spam. Invite members with a unified purpose.

It is not all about the number of individuals in your group. An inactive group member or someone who doesn’t add substance to the group’s interactions will do you no favor. It will help you if you have a clearly-defined statement of purpose before creating the group. You can build your statement of purpose by finding your value offerings and how will it motivate the group members to remain conjoint in the group after invitation. Know the function of the group and what it aims to serve with its existence. Remember to include the function of the group and frame your statement with your distinctive purpose.

  • It’s time to create a Facebook Group

Now that you have found your niche and a reason for inviting people and giving them value, it is time for you to finally go ahead and create a Facebook group. It is easy to create a Facebook Group. All you need to do is to navigate to the ‘Groups’ button at the left-side menu of your Facebook’s homepage. Click on the ‘Create Group’ to initiate the group’s formation. If prompted, give your confirmation to adding the group as your favorites. Adding a group a favorite will help you in easily spotting it under the Groups section. Choose the privacy settings for your group which will influence how you and other users can interact in the group. Congratulations, you have now set up your Facebook Group.

All you need to do now is confirm its name and place your statement of purpose in the group’s description. To do that, you will need to click the description field. It will be beneficial if you can insert clear guidelines about the posting rules of the group so that every member knows and abides it. Insert the posting guidelines followed by the mission statement in the description field. You can also add a disclaimer warning users from spamming the group or posting personal, lewd, or advertisements in the group that goes against the group ethics.

You will need an appealing title as the group’s name. Having a memorable title will do wonders in catching the attention of your prospective members from the start. It is great to find sources of inspiration from existing groups that have amassed more than a thousand members. You will need to invest a lot of time in creating the group’s logo because the logo will visually sum up the essence of the group and attract new visitors along with the title and group description. Ensure that the logo is in high-res and looks as good on the smaller mobile devices as it does on laptops.

  • Attract visitors to your FB Group

Why should people join your Facebook group? There can be numerous reasons for people to join your group. It could either be because they are interested in the group, know you personally, or interested in the offering. To lure more people to join your group, you will need to run periodic contests and organize giveaways that spur your users to spread the word and attract more members. Give the members some advantage or attraction to join the group. You can reward your members with information which brought them to join the group in the first place or give them real gifts through contests and other engaging activities. Spice things up by changing the giveaways with each contest. It is a tried and tested measure to keep your members hooked to the occurring of the niche group.

  • Be the leader of the niche Facebook community

Every gathering, crowd, or mass needs a leader. Your Facebook Group is no different. A thriving Facebook niche group needs a leader to guide it to the right direction. As a leader, it will be your decision to formulate the content strategies of the group. Ensure that you don’t use blurry pics or irrelevant content. Add a visual element for a post to be more engaging to the group members. You can do that by adding a high-resolution HD video or photograph with a smart and snippy choice of content. Facebook lets you add Gifs too to your posts. Gifs are engaging choice of media to use when you have a collection of images or need to use a few seconds of a video clip. Invest in building your brand and source the imagery required by hiring professional photographers.

  • Include passionate members

Keep on the lookout for passionate members in the group. Having helping hands to manage a group can help you increase the effectiveness of the group. Find more people with the same ideology by searching friends, people with same interests, or mentions. Reward the passionate group members by making them joint admins. Adding one or two more co-admins will give you more set of eyes to scrutinize the happenings on the page and a new perspective to your niche Facebook community.

  • Share your invitations

Your Facebook Group will not have any members unless you start sending out invites requesting people to join the group. Of course, the first step is to ask your Facebook friends and family members to join the group. You can then in turn ask your friends to invite their friends and family members to join the group. Spreading the word is the best way to get the initial inflow of members. You can reach out to people who share a common interest with the group’s objective and send requests to them. Send out messages with clear CTAs asking people to join your group. One influencing reason why most people would join your group is because of your offering or solution offered in the group. Now, that you have a few members in the group, it is time to share your first post.

  • Build engagement with your group members

You are now a proud owner of a niche Facebook community. You need to build the momentum and increase the engagement level of the group by engaging content. Use crisp, engaging content accompanied with a high-quality visual to catch the attention of the group member. Facebook Groups are niche community which requires engaging activities to win the group members’ trust. You can gain their trust by adding value in your posts. Do not use it as the dumping ground for your promotional arsenal. Invest in building native content for the group with the help of engaging tools such as polls, images, and videos. Create shareable content that is relevant or highlights something unique in a conversational way. Brands that are conversational in their approach on social media are more successful than others. Asking your users to like or share the content prompts them to do just that instead of just reading though the post.

  • Promote your group

A Facebook Group will grow at a much faster rate than a page if you know how to promote it. Invest your time in growing the group. Ask any influential social media personality that you know to join and promote the group with his/her followers. Always add members to your group after taking their permission. Facebook algorithm rewards a group with healthy engagement levels with better visibility. Tag your members to engage them or let them know that you have shared a content with them. Use your website and blog to promote the group.

Using masked content such as a free download or template, the link of which is placed in the group will spur more users to join the group on their own. If you have the budget, use Facebook Ads which will help you promote the group. One way to do so is by writing a post with link to your group and posting it on the company page. You can then use Facebook Ads to boost your post. Viola, this will give more visibility to your post.


Read through the steps listed above to build a thriving niche Facebook community. You can read more such interesting measures on how to build a Facebook Group by reading this article. With the group gaining traction, you will quickly start noticing the positive effects of having a group for your business.

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