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       Just like every machine needs a proper timely servicing, your AdWords account too needs constant expert supervision. Understanding AdWords is a complex task. It is easy to miss out on the trivial issues which if left unattended can accumulate to make it a hair-raising experience.

With the reduced number of ad slots and rising CPCs, you will want your AdWords account optimized. One of the major reasons why AdWords issues are left unaddressed is because of the time it takes to find these issues in the first place. Fixing the issue takes much lesser time in comparison to finding it. You need to be vigilant to spot the issue at its nascent stage. You will need an effective free AdWords tool that gives you comprehensive reports and suggests proactive measures to bolster your accounts performance. Why splurge thousands of dollars on a PPC account audit when you can get the same comprehensive report for free using an AdWords audit? Our uniquely crafted AdWords audit can help you with the following:

Negative Keywords Recommendations

A penny saved is a penny earned, right? The audit can help you detect search words that are ineffectively gobbling up a large portion of your budget without quantifying into actual conversions. Stop spending on all the unwanted keywords by identifying the negative keywords mentioned in the audit.

Match Type Adoption

Are you certain that your account isn’t underutilizing the keyword match types and jeopardizing your growth potential? Try the free Adwords audit report which will help you identify the various growth opportunities that are lurking out in the open for your business. Get simple and elegantly crafted charts which depict the various match types on key metrics such as Impression Share, conversions, CPC, total spend on clicks, etc.

Expanded Text Ads Adoption

Expanded Text Ads Adoption is one of the most important feature released by Google and Bing Ads in 2016. There is more space available now to accommodate the long copies of ad text including two noticeable headlines in an ad. You immediately stand to lose against the competition if you have not embraced this feature yet. Leave it to our free audit report to give you a comprehensive report on expanded text ads options and how it compares to the regular ads.

Quality Score Report

You will receive an overall report of your account’s performance with emphasis on Quality Score parameters like relevancy of your ads, CTRs, and the overall landing page experience.

Device Performance Report

Get to terms with a transparent report on how your various campaigns are delivering on the expected parameters like ad spend, clicks, CPC, etc.

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