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About us

 Top SEO Now was co-founded by Sam Makwana. Sam has been working in the area of digital marketing for almost 7 years. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sam has helped several Australian companies grow their digital footprint.

SEO(Digital Marketing) has always been Sam’s passion. He has always looked to implement the best SEO practices for all his projects.However, he has long been frustrated about the misleading information on the internet about different digital marketing strategies including SEO, Content Marketing or the Digital Marketing as a whole.  Sure, there is some great knowledge out there on the internet but it is often mixed up with  low or at best average quality material, practiced and wrongly executed.

Top SEO Now has come into existence in order to separate wheat from chaff.  Here, Sam and his colleagues will research the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing and present them to the audience in form of highly informational blogs. These blogs will cover a wide range of topics Cheap Replica Omega Watches and will provide a comprehensive guide to all businesses that are looking to improve their online presence.

We also welcome professionals in this industry to write a guest post on our website and share their knowledge with our audience.

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Top SEO Now also provides consultancy and marketing service to businesses looking to improve their online presence, regardless of their industry.  Feel free to ask for our manually created audit reports that will provide an insight into your business, its digital presence and your competition.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.  You can also contact us via Facebook or Twitter.