Top 50 Ways To Become A Awesome Web Designer  


Top 50 Ways To Become A Awesome Web Designer


Creativity and Success is not what anyone is born with or inherited in one’s genes. These two intertwine down the line, when you work hard, put your creative mind to work and get your pen to do all the talking whilst teaching you how to become a successful web designer.

We compile here 50 Ways that could help an aspiring designer to read through, tick away and at the end satisfy himself or herself if what we have listed makes them successful as Designers who should be noticed to stand out tall among others.


New and creative ideas give an added impetus to any task. Having a large bag of creativity in your mind would help.

01. Limitless imagination

Imagination is the key to success and those with the strength and confidence to bring their imagination onto the drawing boards would always be ahead of those who limit themselves due to conservative ideas or other inherent social drawbacks.

02. Filtering opinions for the best ideas

Discussing with friends or colleagues regularly and collecting as many different opinions on a subject that you may have in your mind which we call “brainstorming” is one way of picking up a few nit bits that could help you in your endeavor to bring out, what is inside you better.

03. Leaving your workstation

If you feel that you have too many ideas floating around in your mind and are unable to decide what is best and appropriate to coin and bring the end result out, just push your chair away and take a few minutes away from everything.

04. Join other creative minds at work

There are many out there just like you who would be tossing and turning brilliant ideas in their minds too. Meeting them personally in a forum, through other informative mediums or online would surely give you more creative ideas to bring a better end result.

05. Focus on specifics

Keep your mind focused on the specifics that would help to bring out the best. Everything that has been tossed up in your mind should be filtered out and the ball of thread inside should be untangled if you are to get the right mix.

06. Penning your ideas for “posterity”.

Wherever you may be, a creative mind would never go into hibernation hence keeping your little sketchbook handy at all times would help you pen every little idea that comes into your mind to be used at another time and place.

07. The right idea in the appropriate media

Selecting the right medium to get your creative ideas cross to all those out there is important as the idea itself. Climbing aboard the right medium with the appropriate tools would give your idea the expected results like for instance if you need to use visuals use them but on the right medium, with the right angles.

08. Linking your creative ideas

Putting down every tit bit of idea on your sketchbook and linking them together, prioritizing them just the way you would want it to be, is how great creative designs and successful designers are born.

09. Transferring paper to computer

Once you have all your ideas on paper then transfer them onto your computer whilst not bothering much about getting it perfectly right on the first instance.

10. A cool head helps

Cooling your head literally by standing under a shower would help the 36 billion neurons we have in our brains by taking the tension and anxiety of bringing out a graphic design that would make the day. Whilst it would help immensely, it would also help you in your ultimate goal of how to be a designer.


Keeping yourself well informed as much as possible about everything related to your profession is the key.

11. Be informed

Creativity and design is moving at lightning speed especially with today’s communication technology which has provided instantaneous access to everything that is happening around us at any nook or corner of the world.

Keeping oneself well and truly informed would help to bring new ideas to the fore if you are an aspiring artist wanting to know and learn of how to become a designer.

12. Maintaining and adhering to accepted norms

It is pertinent that your creativity and message brought forth into the public domain adheres to accepted norms of website disciplines which would make it respected and accepted by all those interested to take a peep at what you have brought for them.

13. Preserving earlier work

If an idea that was mooted by you for public consumption was well accepted and had brought positive results, using the same idea wrapped in new packaging could make the same or even better impact if presented again. This can help all the people who are looking answers to the question how to be a successful graphic designerHence keeping work done whether it was successful or not in the first instance when presented does not matter as ideas change with time and an old idea could be a hit this time around.

14. Every second spent is precious hence save.

Every word and every tit bit of work you do at your workstation is precious hence don’t let them go without serving your purpose hence save everything, every time you tend to leave your seat.

15. Teamwork is healthy

Maintaining a healthy working relationship with everyone around you, would help immensely if you are to taste success.

16. Perfection in the first instance

Getting the right product out in the first instance is very important hence cutting the edges and spit polishing every detail before bringing the design out for public consumption is essential.

17. Avoid retracing

Wasting valuable time by retracing the same chores that you have done earlier on the same subject matter should be avoided as much as possible.

18. Harnessing strengths

Identifying one’s strengths and carefully nurturing them to bring optimum results to the final product is imperative if success is to be achieved.

19. Simplicity could win the day

Simplicity in design choosing the right words, colors and other relevant aspects in presenting what would take the intended message through easily is important.

20. Assimilating lessons learnt

Experience is your best tutor hence assimilating everything into your learning cycle would make you an expert and show others watching you on how to become a successful graphic designer.


Graphic designers would need to spend long hours at their workstations hence it is imperative that they spit and polish their software skills.

21. Diligently maintaining files

Every file in your workstation should be easily accessible hence keeping them at your finger tips with proper documentation for easy reference is imperative if you are to complete tasks first and fast.

22. Safeguarding from external factors

Some external factors especially viral software could harm your work, taking care to avoid such dangerous issues would be in everybody’s interests.

23. Avoid duplicating

Proper care should be initiated to avoid duplicating your work as this would not only save time it would also save space on your workstation.

24. Marrying pen and paper

The use of pen and paper would be slowly fading away with your keyboard at your workstation doing most of the writing that you would desire but putting pen to paper could save you some valuable time too.

25. The right mix of colors

Getting the right mix of colors that would carry your message forward and impress the prospective customer is important. The best colors used would make the best impressions.

26. The appropriate workstation

Your workstation should be at your beck and call. It should respond fast and quick to your every bidding. Slow response in a fast environment would not suffice.

27. Optimum memory

You should envisage the quantum of memory you would need to easily access and complete tasks allocated to you, which would otherwise hinder the progress of your work.

28. Increase plug ins

Whichever application you use, there’s almost always more plug ins around. New effects and filters for Photoshop can enhance improvements and speed up your work.

29. Perfecting your Photoshop

Photoshop is extensively used in design for completing work quickly and at the least cost. Perfecting this art is important if you are to be a successful graphic designer.

30. Reading “maketh the man”.

Reading as much as you can from what is available either online or in written text would help immensely if you are a person willing to learn.


Keeping your wits about you and avoiding complacency or ruing over your mistakes would not serve any purpose hence moving on to take up new challenges is advisable.

31. Ensuring perfect and readable content

Ability to ensure the right text is on your work is important as your clients and readers alike would not appreciate being bombarded with wrong and wanting language.

32. Maintaining the right balance

Those for whom you work for matters because they the one’s with the purse strings and need to be satisfied with your work.

33. Be sure of what you send

Carefully read everything that you have written at least twice before sending any. You need to be 100% sure of all that would reach the other end of the line.

34. Do not deviate from brief

Stick to the brief and do not deviate, as once you have it with you it would be what has arrived after many hours of work by others hence do not undo their work, just stick to instructions.

35. Be specific and professional

Ensure what your client wants is given but if they need anything more, then they would need to reasonably compensate you as per the work requested, give time to complete or if there is no agreement then drop it.

36. Work to your strengths

Do what you do as best as you can but do not try new things which you are not familiar with.

37. Backup essential

Ensure that all your work is carefully saved and a back if required is available to be retrieved at a later date.

38. Be sure never assume

Be confident that once a project is completed it is perfect even if you have to check it many times over. Never leave anything to chance.

39. Getting new ideas across

If you have a new idea that you think would fit the subject try to convince the client to add it on, and once they approve do it confidently.

40. Do not cross the line

Keep within the parameters allocated and do not try to impose yourself on your clients.


Perfection doubly pays hence any work done should be what it is supposed to be.

41. Another opinion

It does not cost anything to ask someone to see what he thinks of your completed work. Another opinion matters.

42. Quality control

Ensuring that everything is perfect is the most important chore. Slacking by failing to give the completed job a thorough makeover could be disastrous.

43. Originality matters

Originality matters and would be appreciated hence keeping it simple and original would give a more authentic look.

44. Retaining authenticity

Keep your work as authentic as possible. The final completed project should be easily identifiable with your signature.

45. Peruse your project as many times

Peruse your work and only decide to send it across when you are 100% sure that what you have brought out is what you had planned all along.

46. Completion

Knowing exactly when to stop would save you money and time. Once the project is completed you should beware of it and stop.

47. Printing versatility

Once it has gone to the printers there would be provision for you to add color and enhance it’s looks hence trying it out would not matter.

48. Being ready always

Being ready for every eventuality is important because even the meticulously planned operation could turn into a bad egg.

49. Reading proof

It is imperative that the final product is nothing but perfect hence proofing reading is an important factor never to be overlooked.

50. Check final with brief

Ensure that the final product conforms to the brief and for this get another to check it and give the nod of approval too.

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