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Top 5 Tips that Will Make Your Audience Love Your Content

Many content marketing folks seem to have two questions running in their heads all the time.

1. How Do We Know What Type of Content Attracts Readers ?

2. Even if the Subject Line is Sorted, What Flair Grabs Attention of Our                Readers?

Many small and mid-scale businesses who fail to answer these questions also fail to get readers. They end up gaining few views or no views at all.

This is because they fail to study or identify the right set of audience who are interested in that particular subject or blog. Let’s say, if you want to see kangaroos, you need to go to a place where they exist. You can’t go search for them in Sahara desert because that’s the place for camels, not kangaroos.

Content marketing is similar too, it’s like using right bait in the right spot of the ocean, in order to catch the fish. In this case, your bait is the right content which you will use to fish for your right audience.

The Three Step Process:

  1. Gain deep knowledge of your products and services

  2. Find out the audience with similar interests

  3. Study their style and measure their understanding on the subject and use it in order to create the content that meets their expectation.

It is true that this will need some high-end tools and other platforms to get this done. This is where the trouble arises for small and mid scale businesses. Lack of access to these marketing tools which can help them improve their content marketing strategies hamper their performances.

Take a look at the metrics published by Content Marketing Institute:

Top challenges for b2c content marketers

Here are five tips below which help achieve better results in content marketing.

1. Identify Your Readers/Audience

Audience majorly come in two forms, online and offline. Online users mainly arrive from different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, communities, and other discussion groups.

The whole idea here is to generate and share the content that people are looking for. Irrespective of the subject, the content you create should have a unique value and high quality.

Communities are a great place where real conversations happen. Be it a brand, service or product, this is where people gather to discuss and share. Whether you are a digital printing service provider, own an electronics line or offer mobile repair services, you can use this platform and there are people in these communities who offers great content.

What’s attractive to audience on these forums and communities would be common issues, complaints, the blogs which bring them the information they need. What also interests them is who shares the information, the top names, and influencers.

What you can do is study the content on these communities, go through the comments, shares and follow the influencers. Participate in these conversations and gatherings to get a complete idea of how it works.

The main motto of this study is to understand:

    *  Where are your audience present?

    *  What do their comments look like and what do they share?

    *  What are the gaps? (The content they might be looking for but no one touched it. This is your smoking gun! )

2. Talk to These Audiences and Influencers

Now that you have identified your audience, it’s time to start interacting with them.

You can do it by sharing content, engaging in the comments thread and sharing your opinion.

You can take a step ahead and share their posts and content on social media and tag them or simply give the link.

Answer questions, look for issues and queries related to your field that users may have asked on these platforms. Try to answer them as much as possible and these actions will lead to recognition.

Be truly interested in helping them out and have constant interactions, eventually, you will build a rapport with these influencers and audience both. Now you can feel free to ask them if they can answer a couple of quick questions. If the answer is yes, send the influencers an email, don’t wait.

Your email should have these following thumb rules:

  • Be precise

  • Be clear

  • Be quick

This will show that you respect their time and that creates a good impression. This also would interest them to remember you and increases the willingness to get in touch with you again. While keeping it short, you can end your email with a note that says they are welcome to get in touch with you for any further communication.

3. Create the Best Content!

To create the best content, you need to focus more on customer’s motive and less on what and how they are conveying. Saying is, it is not customers’ job to know what they want. It becomes your responsibility to identify and deliver it.

You must have heard about Jobs To Be Done theory, if not, this an innovative and revolutionary concept which helps brands understand customers’ motivations.

A Job Map framework takes you through a thorough process which guides you to look for the opportunities to help customers.

Precisely, you can understand why people hire a product or what is the job that they are trying to accomplish.

Competing against luck by Clayton M. Christensen

This book is the best work by Christensen, where he illustrates Jobs To Be Done concept in an impressive manner.

It stresses the importance of understanding what customers are looking for before creating anything for them. This is the same principle that applies to content marketing as well.

Let us consider an example of auto repair company; it should talk about repair cost, methods, tips, DIYs, problem fixing/solution offering.

Hence the top notch content that we discussed will involve the following aspects:

  • Tips on how to prevent the damage before hand to avoid facing the repair

  • Create DIY and how-to video guides on the repairs

  • Talk about the local services and who to and how to approach

Use good graphics and better quality videos, while the content you create needs to be amazing.

4. Promote Your Brand

Remember you made great bonding with the influencers in the communities? Now it’s time to use those connections to promote your content. Reach out to them with the remarkable content that you have created.

Ask them if what you have created is up to the mark and can strike with the audience. If they give you a thumbs up for the content quality and promotion, you are good to go.

That’s not the end of the bargain, try and reach out to more influencers. Ideally, this should become easy as your content is already appreciated by people who matter.

This will amplify your content promotion and helps you reach more and more audience.

You can make use of tools like BuzzSumo to promote and share your content.

Sign up for a free trial and star using the benefits of the tool:

Click View Sharers, this will take you to a page that gives you data on the shared history.

This will allow you to understand the similar content shares, their audience strength and more.

Here are few tips to absorb:

   • Don’t abuse email privilege: Your influencers need a reason to support you,          apart from your content being groundbreaking. Offer to help them in return, and        it will turn into a win-win situation.

   • Use social media to share your content: You can share the same content           multiple times on social media to reap the full benefits. However, make sure you         change the title though.

   • Use interaction, relationship, and engagement: Ask for the opinion of the        audience at the end of your write-up. This will also help you understand the          extended opportunities that you can base your future content on. 

5. Review Your Content

Content marketing could be tricky and yet times tough and unpredictable. Despite the best efforts, a content piece could always be enhanced and sometimes the response is not as expected. These are the reasons why one need to review the results and the content side-by-side. This will strengthen your grip on articulating the concepts that will pull the audience.

However, keep these two aspects in mind:

1) Check how brand relevant the content you are about to create. Unless it falls in the territory of the main theme, you are just wasting that space. The goal is not to create great content, but to build a brand through it.

2) Ask yourselves these questions:

(a) Is the content gelling with my core business goals?

(b) Are my offers uniquely qualified?

(c) Who are the customers looking for it?

Always remember to revise in order to list out those mistakes which you can avoid in your future posts.

Review your metrics and have a good understanding of the same. This will allow you to get an idea on how your content did and also helps you to improve constantly.

Hope you like the tips that we shared with you on content marketing. Let us know if these techniques are helpful and also share with us what techniques you use in your content marketing strategies.

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