25 Easy Tips People Underestimate About Optimizing Landing Pages  


25 Easy Tips People Underestimate About Optimizing Landing Pages

Each time you use Google search, you are most likely to find an ad that matches your query. This seduces you with a promise you simply cannot resist. You happily click on the ad and land on an entirely different and irrelevant page, how do you feel? Surely not impressed.

The main thing marketers forget when creating ads is that those who visit and click on the ads only do so when they are on an actual hunt for the product or service you offer. You can only image how your prospective customers would feel when they click on your ad eagerly only to end up opening something different.

Each time a visitor clicks on your pay per click ad, the person is taken to a web page that was created specifically to entice a call to action. When you make good use of landing pages, you would have the power to wheeled the most effective tactics in marketing.

This is why you should do everything within your marketing power to take full use of this feature by optimizing your campaign landing pages.

Optimizing your landing pages properly ensures that your PPC campaigns do not get lost in the ocean of ads.

Optimizing your landing pages is virtually the best way to increase the performance of your PPC campaign and subsequently maximize your ROI. The Internet is full of posts and books full of tips and tricks that can boost your PPC campaign performance by optimizing landing pages.

The question is; what works? What doesn’t? What should you do and what shouldn’t you?

When you host a landing page directly on your website, you increase your chances of generating leads and subsequently increase sales.

Below are the top twenty-five ways to improve your PCC campaign performance by optimizing your landing pages.

Experts believe that a clear and clean landing page template design are a priority

When you make your web visitors see what your offering, see who you are and what you want in return, they would be more likely to convert than when your mission is not clear.

There are so many business owners that don’t understand this.

Out of all twenty-five optimization tips, here are seven ways to effectively design a clear landing page.

1. Easy navigation

Make sure that you make your landing page free of unnecessary information. When there are too many images and too much clutter, you make your pages difficult to navigate. You have to avoid losing out on possible conversions by making your page easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to visit and do what you want quickly.

2. Use bullet points

The web is full of scanners and skimmers, so you have to make your target market aware of what you have to offer, so they don’t think you’re one of such scammers. Bullet points make your landing pages easy to read and understand.

3. Whitespace

Use a clean design and try to direct your visitor’s attention to what you offer, the benefits they would enjoy and your call to action. Always leave a space on your landing page so that you would increase your conversions.

4. Use images

Pictures speak a million words. This is especially so when using images for landing page optimization. People share images far more than text. They are usually shared and liked in social sites. They are also an effective tool for lead generation and landing page optimization. When your customers are attracted to your page, they are more likely to convert and recommend your content.

5. Contrasting and complementary colors

A colorful design is imperative in landing page optimization. Try and use color schemes that are complementary and appealing to the eyes. Ensure that the color for your call to action is contrasting with the background color so that it would stand out.

If you do not want to employ a graphic designer, then there are some other free color schemes resources that you can find online and use to design your landing page.

6. Above the fold

Make sure all your important information is visible. They should be above the fold so visitors can see them clearly before having to scroll down.

Most visitors would never scroll down except you captivate their interest with something very motivating.

7. Apply the five-second rule

The five-second rule applies to landing pages as well. If you do not convince a visitor to convert within the first five seconds, then the chances of you convincing them after that are slim. If your landing page is not appealing enough, your prospect would leave and search for a page with more value. You can run a

Marketing directly on your landing page

Don’t forget that your landing page is the hub of your entire campaign. It is your landing page that gets direct traffic from online advertising, email campaigns, social media and so on. As soon as traffic lands on the landing page, you need to market effectively if you want to get your visitors to convert.

The section part of our 25 tips for landing page optimization includes the marketing tactics necessary for conversion

8. Your call to action

This is what you want your visitors to do. It must take a prominent position on your landing page. It is usually better in clear button format that has contrasting colors. Let your words are short, and it should ignite action. Use words that invoke a reaction. Show your visitors the obvious appeal and value exchange in your CTA. Give every visitor an irresistible offer.

9. Competitive advantage

Show your visitors how and why you are better than your competitors. Use your brand tagline or try using a unique selling point of your marketing campaign. The more you’re able to market the more you’ll get leads and the more sales you’ll get.

10. Sense of urgency

Making use of scarcity tactics such as limited supply, limited time, or even limited number for the offer of the product would compel action. Create urgency in the heart of your visitors, and you would see your conversions grow.

11. What do you offer in return?

As your visitor browses through your landing page, they wonder what you have to offer them. You can answer their question by showing them that your product, service contest or coupon gives them value. The value of what you are offering is supposed to be so enticing that no visitor would not want to refuse. You can show your value proposition with images and words right on your landing page.

12. Know your offer

Before you start creating your landing page, clearly define what you offer to yourself. Determine what you what you want, think about how your offer would benefit them most, think of how you can package your offer in a way that would make them care enough to convert.

13. Know your customers

If you want to optimize your landing page to the best of your ability, then you should know who you are marketing to. If you want to sell to someone, then you need to the person. Make your own list of demographics to find your target market. You can move a step further and write out buyer personas that give you detailed information about their daily behavior and see if it aligns with what you want. When you understand the behavior of your visitors, use the information to improve your performance.

14. Know your competition

There is no need for sentiments; business is a business. Use competitive analysis to improve your landing page optimization. Learning how your competitors do it would help you feel inspired and help you generate something unique.

Now this is the most crucial aspects of landing page optimization: increasing trust on your landing pages

15. Contact information

You have to make sure every single contact information is double checked and on your page. Your social network links, phone number, a map of your business location and even your business address. The most accessible you make your business, the more personal you seem and the more open for business you would be. Customers would think you’re doing something shady if you hide your business information and they would most likely not convert.

16. Do not oversell

Most marketers get this part wrong. No one is saying you should sell yourself short, but don’t oversell either. When you set their expectations too high, you may end up under delivering. When you do this, you lose their trust and you no customer would buy from you when they don’t trust you. If you deliver your promise and even over deliver, you would learn the power of word of mouth marketing as these customers would freely recommend your products and services.

17. Don’t joke with consistency

Keeping your landing pages consistent would go a long way in determining your leads and sales. You have to make sure that every promotion remains the same throughout your sale funnel. This includes your landing page. You must maintain consistency throughout the duration of your campaign.

18. Show a face

Research has shown that smiling faces increase trust. Try and add a smiling face to your landing page because you would increase trust and subsequently increase conversions.

19. Speak to your clients

Write in second person singular; “you,” when writing on your landing page. Just think of your landing page as your office. Assume that someone is meeting you in person for the first time. Craft something that speaks the language of your target market.

20. Add customer testimonials

You can add quotes from people who have benefited from your products. If possible, add their faces to it. This would build trust and increase conversions.

21. Determine the size of every form

It is imperative that you endeavor to strike a balance between requesting too much information and not enough information. Everyone is wary of giving out personal information these days. If your forms are too long, people are less likely to complete it. On the other hand, a form that is too short may not provide you with sufficient information. Try to keep things in between.

The final part of 25 most valuable tips on landing page optimization is improving landing page SEO.

Your landing page is part of your entire online marketing campaign. Just like every other online marketing, you have to work on search engine optimization for your landing page so people can find you.

There are four vital tips that can help you increase the search engine optimization of your landing page

22. Keywords in landing page title

The URL path should include relevant keywords. It’s not difficult to implement. All you have to do is add it keywords to your adding page title while creating your page on your website. If you aren’t the one doing it, then ask the person responsible to make use of keywords in landing page title.

23. Use keywords phrases and keywords in your text

You have to make what your page is about clear to search engines. Use your services in keyword phrases when creating content for your landing page. This is how you speak to search engines. Use keywords but don’t overdo it.

24. Include social sharing options

Google tends to rank pages with many likes and shares higher on the search engine. So put a social sharing button on the edge of your landing page.

25. Use relevant meta tags

If you are not really into technical stuff, you can learn more about meta tags and meta descriptions here. These metal tags are important for landing page SEO optimization. You should also use Alt tags to describe your images.

If you truly want to improve your landing page optimization, then you can follow these tips and watch your conversion grow successfully. According to Impact Branding and Design, you can take an A/B test on your landing page, obtain cumulative optimization, tweak and optimize your pages and generate more leads and sales.

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