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2017: How to create a teriffic SEO strategy this year

To achieve your goals for this year, the best place to start will be trying out some of the latest SEO strategies for your business. There is new information on search trends that is definitely going to get you much closer to your goals. Any organization today needs to ensure that it stays ahead of its competition. This is especially true for online businesses where the competition is fierce. In this article, the remarkable SEO 2017 strategies that you can use for your organization will be discussed. To get you started, we will first ensure that you understand the bigger picture when it comes to search trends. This means you should fully get a grip on how search engines operate and how you can use this to your advantage by undertaking different SEO strategies. There are some major changes that you have to implement in 2017 to ensure that you stay ahead of the game. 

A better understanding of SEO and online marketing

Whenever SEO is mentioned, you should be able to have a clear picture of what it implies to the online businesses. In addition to that, you will also need an understanding of the technical aspects of most strategies. To start, you should know about some of the recent changes in search engines. This knowledge will play an important role in shaping your future SEO strategies.

There has been a notable increase in the SERP features this year. This implies that Google is paying extra attention when it comes to offering more data and markup types in the search results. There are 17 that have been recorded for Keyword Explorer and about 7 that are not recorded. This simply means that there are a lot of new features coming in. 

There is an increase in instant answers being offered by search engines. This has been the case especially on mobiles but has also been witnessed when using desktops. The reason for this is that Google is doing everything possible to provide direct answers to internet users. You can look at this in two ways. First, it may mean that Google is effectively stealing traffic that would have been otherwise directed to other websites. On the other hand, you can take this as an opportunity to get into the new features and implement them into your websites. 

The searcher intent is now being considered more important than the keyword. This trend was earlier seen in Hummingbird and now continues in RankBrain. However, this does not mean that you can completely eliminate keywords from the equation. You need to know that what the searcher is looking for before you can even determine their intent. There can be minor variations in the structure of the keyword that can translate to significant changes in the searcher intent. The main concern will be how we go about getting the right content for people. 

One of the things that have been steadily increasing is the value of comprehensiveness. This was the case in 2016 and also continues in 2017. There are numerous examples from research that show how this will affect SEO strategies 2017

Among the things that Google has been harping are multi-device speed and user experience. Today, we can observe that speed is not the only factor used to determine user experience. This is because Google has gone a step further and taken action against pop-ups and overlays. This action clearly shows that metrics have been engaged to ensure that sites with better user experience are up for better engagement. This means that with a better-built site you will be assured of better search engine rankings. 

There have been several trends that have come up around the unreliability of Google data. This includes the search volume data. There have been data in AdWords showing keywords that are contained in there. They include inaccuracies in Google Search Console, which was formerly known as Webmaster Tools, around the rankings. There have been claims in case you got that many clicks or impression, Google thinks that all that might be false. You, therefore, need to be extra careful when it comes to that.

Voice search is becoming more of a reality in 2017 than ever before. This might not be considered specifically at high levels for an addressable market but it is important to consider how voice search will impact the search results as you build your site. You need to think about the type of content that will be more relevant to voice searchers. 

Over the past few months, we have seen Google clearly shifting from machine learning to deep learning. This has had an impact on how links are considered in the search results. In addition to that, how content is looked at and the keyword searches have also been affected. 

The multi-visit buyer journeys have always been important in online marketing. However, we are now seeing marketers embracing it even more and optimizing their content with this in mind. This translates to a more competitive landscape that also demands you stay ahead of the competition. In simple terms, you will no longer just be interested in the single visits and conversion paths to your content but also any other queries that potential clients might have when they visit your website. 

We have always noted a bias to brands in search results over the years. This has increased this year to the point that even brands without a lot of links still get the better part of search results. Stronger brands were characterized by the number of links that they had. Today, these two factors do not go together anymore and links have seized being the dominating factor. 

We still think that links are the way to go and that their value has not been completely lost. You should, therefore, ensure that you invest in them accordingly. This is because they will assist you to stand out in search results even if you have not built your brand or attained a certain level of success. In any cases, the links are as important as they were five years ago. 

Now that you are up to par with SEO fundamentals and what is happening in the search engine background, we can consider some of the strategies worth implementing in 2017. These are designed to tackle the SEO problems that you might experience during the year. 

Find out how SEO can assist in achieving organizational goals

To use our organization as an example, here at Traffic Radius our goals include increasing our revenue, reducing the cost of operations to increase profit margins and increasing the sales to our existing customers. Now that we have the goals in mind, the next step is to actually think of ways that SEO can help us achieve them. You should, therefore, be able to come up with a smart framework that you can use to determine where you are heading. SEO should not just be about using keywords to get better rankings and more profits. There is much more to that especially if you set your priorities right. 

In our case, SEO can really assist us by bringing in searchers that are part of our target audience. We can also effectively increase our profit margins by reducing our cost of acquisition. If we drive more of our traffic with organic search, we will reduce our reliance on advertising as well as other forms of marketing that cost us a lot. That is how to go about when building your framework for SEO strategies. 

Come up with a keyword-to-content map

The third step will be coming up with a keyword-to-content map. The basic idea behind this is to come up with a list of phrases and terms from your goals and tactics and then build a map. This way you will be able to clearly map your daily rankings with the URLs that you are ranking for different keyword phrases. This will go a long way in helping you determine areas that require prioritization. It is more of a visualization exercise for the entire team that is undertaking the project. It will play a major role in ensuring that everyone is concentrating their energies to the right place.

Transform SEO efforts to actual projects that people are expected to deliver on

You can extend your content-to-keyword map by coming up with SEO efforts that you will have to do to meet your goals. These discrete projects will have an estimated time of delivery with people assigned to specific tasks. In addition to that, you should also have an expected ROI. When you do this, you will be able to know which task is given priority and the work that is expected to be done. In addition to that, you can have the value estimated in terms of rank number. When individuals work on such tasks they will know what their goals are and will do their best to have the greatest impact on the overall project. 

Keeping track of the goals and metrics

The final step will be to come up with a way that you can track the goals and the metrics during the entire project. This means that you should have a reporting and measurement system that you can use in showing your progress right from the start. You should note that this is not just meant for internal purposes but also for the entire team. If you are consultancy firm, you should also be able to have a progress indicator for your clients. This is to ensure that everyone is always aware of the work that has been done and the progress made. It will give your clients a clearer picture of where you are heading with the strategies. 

You should be able to add the metrics that you will use to measure yourself depending on the project or tactic that you are using. If you are trying to rank in the top three search results, you should use the metrics and check the traffic and conversions which you can use to measure progress. You can also use customer retention as a form of measurement. All these will give you a real picture of how good your SEO tactics are performing. It will also allow you to map your organizational goals. At the end of it, you will have worked a great frame for your SEO tactics. 

Now that all that has been given to you, we hope that you come up with some of the best SEO tactics for your organization in 2017. Using the ideal framework, getting the right SEO strategy to implement in your organization should not be a problem. Social media SEO will also definitely play a big role in search results as it continues to define how users interact with businesses online. This is one of the areas that you should not ignore as you implement your SEO 2017 strategies. 


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