10 Reasons For Google To Fail Your SEO. Take These Necessary Steps  


10 Reasons For Google To Fail Your SEO. Take These Necessary Steps

You used to be able to just write articles without the thoughts of keywords and SEO. It’s something that is relatively new when it comes to technology but if you think about it, how else would we find out what we need to know. When you search for something, what do you do? You type in keywords. If I’m looking for let’s say a natural remedy for coughs, I would type that in. Google (or whatever search engine you use) will come up with articles based on their titles, but also based on their keywords.

There are certain things when creating SEO’s that are completely acceptable and will yield the results you are looking for. But there are also mistakes that can be made that will result in ineffective results.

Google Can Actually Blacklist You

Say what?! Who knew that you could get blacklisted from Google just like you can get blacklisted from a club. No entrance, no service.  Don’t buy or sell links. When Google finds out about this (and while it might not be today it could certainly be the following day) and you and your blog or site will be gone lie it never existed. No one wants that. You want people to see your site so know that buying and selling isn’t correct, you can try other tactics.

Google Will Take You Down in Results if you use Keyword Stuffing

What is keyword stuffing you might ask? Exactly what it says really. It’s when a site uses words repeated over and over in an attempt to get Google to place it higher in the rankings. This might work temporarily (and I mean very temporary) but it will get you knocked down a bunch of pegs, which is obviously the last thing that a site wants.

Using Keywords That Have Nothing to do With Your Content

So you want to have people see your page. How do you do that? One might think that you could just use random keywords that people would generally look up like fitness, getting healthy, beauty, etc. but your article might be based on computer games. Neither of those go together. Google will figure that out and you will get placed at the bottom if at all. So when creating the article and the keywords, make sure they go together like two peas in a pod and the words reflect the article that you are putting out.

You Barely Have Any Content

Having a site with articles that are smaller or with think content will not help your search result. Pages that have over 2000 words are more likely to get you ranked higher than those that have fewer words. Not necessarily going to blacklist you but you won’t be as highly ranked. So instead of having the information but a small amount of words, make sure it’s a bit longer in order for Google to recognize it.

You Post Too Often

This might seem like a catch-22, you either post too much or too little. Well Google reviews sites and updates them based on quality content. So instead of posting daily or multiple times a day, short articles that aren’t really well written, instead post maybe once a week. This results in longer posts (see above for the reasoning) and well researched posts. And this also means that you can better solidify your niche and the type of content you really want on your site. Focus on quality not quantity when it comes to new posts.

Your Posts are All Over the Place with Content

Besides making sure the articles are long enough, short enough, not posted to often, etc., you also want to make sure that your articles are staying on topic. So you don’t want to start a topic for example working out for moms and halfway through switching to the best wine to drink. It doesn’t make sense and Google will dock you some rating points for this.

Make Sure your Links Work

Even gone to a website only to find out the site is not active or the link doesn’t work. Google hates that, as do people. You don’t want a bad reputation and you definitely don’t want people assuming that your company lacks quality if you can’t make sure the links work correctly. Before your site goes live or your new blog, whatever the case may be, preview the page that is being submitted first, as though you are a reader, and click each and every link that is available on the page. If one of the doesn’t work, go back and fix it. If they all work, than you are good to go. And don’t only make sure they work, ensure that they link to where you want them to link to and not a different page of  a site that you don’t necessarily need or want.

Multiple Articles with the Same Name

When creating articles for blogs or sites you want to make sure each title is unique in their own right. When searching you want to be able to find the information and having a unique title is important to having the searches being relevant. For example, you don’t want to have two articles titled, how to eat organically, when you can have two articles titled How to eat organically on a budget, and the foods you should always choose organic.

Anchor Text

Anchor text, if you don’t know what it is, is something that Google looks at when determining what your page is about. You want to use anchor text that is reliable and meaningful to the page itself. So if you use the same anchor text that has been getting you views, Google will penalize you and drop your page down a few notches. Not, really something you want is it?

Using Phrases That Customers Won’t Actually Use

When you look for something, you look based on what you actually call it. So when I search for a sweatshirt with a hood I search for a “hoodie” not a hooded sweatshirt. It all about semantics and the words we use on a regular basis. So when you come up with n article or a posting, make sure that people can get to it easily by searching relevant terms, not industry terms.

But Also Use Specific Phrases that People Might Look For

You might think that generic one or two word phrases are all you need for good SEO and results on Google, however, some people are going to look for specific things as well. For example, if you want to attract people that are looking for family friendly resorts in the Poconos.  You could actually use that phrase because they are most likely going to search for exactly that.  It comes to who you are specifically targeting honestly.

You Can Actually Delete Yourself off Of Search Results

Did you know it’s possible to make yourself and you page invisible to search engines? Who knew that this was a possibility? Well it is. And it’s because of your robot.txt. When that happens it results in a blank screen and a message that states there is no information. You don’t want that. So if this is your area of the site, make sure to check that, and just by research there is a ton of information out there to help you get past this issue. Search for yourself, you might find something surprising, or nothing at all.

Make Sure Your Home Page Title is Catchy

Having a catchy home page title is important. Why? Because people like things that are catchy. So instead of having it say home page you can have your title of the home page be something awesome like The Landing Pad for All Your Rocket Needs. Or something fun like that. Do you see what I did there? It’s the home page that tells you what the site is about.

Your Site Needs to Load Quickly

I hate waiting for a page to load. Generally when it takes too long I find another page. This can obviously be detrimental to gaining viewers and page visits. If this happens many will generally find another page, another site, another place to locate or buy a product.  Ideally you don’t want that to happen as this would eat into sponsorship and potentially profits. So what you do is make sure that your page is up and running, quickly, without issues. In turn you want to have the webmaster, or whomever runs your site and makes sure that it is up to par.

Secure Sites are Also Better

Having a regular HTTP web address is still fine and it won’t necessarily blacklist you from Google if you don’t. But if you want them to recognize you more readily and be put closer to the top, you can have your site encrypted with an HTTPS web address. This means that people will recognize it as a secure site and feel more comfortable if they have to put information in or are buying something directly from you.


You can have as many images as you want, but if there is no caption, no one knows they exist. You can’t search for something that doesn’t have a name. When I’m looking fo something, generally I Google a word or phrase (especially if it’s an item) and look at the images. The image helps me to determine if that is the right item that I am looking for. This is how a lot of people search and having the right captions for the images on your page. Every image should have something underneath it so that search engines can find them and load them in their results as well. Images are almost as important as the text. Almost.

Review Your Site Periodically To Make Sure It’s Optimized Correctly

So you post articles and recipes and whatever else you are looking at, but you never actually review your site. You might not even know what it looks like. But every once in a while take a look at the pages, make sure all the links work; the tabs are formatted correctly etc. Make sure your keywords are up to date and such. Make sure every section works. If you don’t know it doesn’t work, how can you fix it? You can’t. So actually going in and playing around can help you to ensure that your site is looking and working right.

So what do you have to do in order for Google to recognize you in the right way?

Make your content awesome, get people discussing it and sharing it, and Google will do it’s thing. Don’t try and skirt the system, it doesn’t work that way. You need to actually make things relevant. I hate searching for articles or information and coming up with wrong links and pages that really have nothing to do with what I’m looking for, but most of the time, when done right, I find the right place to be.

Realize that Experience Will Help

If you are just getting started with a blog or a site, you will make mistakes. It guaranteed. No one ever starts off perfect the first time. They have to try and make mistakes and fail and try again. The point is that you might get blacklisted your first few times, you might have your page removed off search results. Take that time to go in and review you site, check your links, verify your content and keep going, it’s the only way you are going to improve both you site and your rankings.


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